Make the Stupid STOP!

I used to think that everyone had a chance at being somewhat intelligent and capable, however I was very short sighted… I never accounted for the people that just don’t want to see. Most people without an actual mental condition that prevents them from learning become stupid by simply being lazy. Yea, lazy. My Gradpa that recently passed away did not go to school, he was an orphan that lived on the street and had to learn to read from picking up discarded newspapers. He eventually got a nursing certificate by passing the exams without any schooling. Because of that I value education, because I think everyone deserves that opportunity to make their lives better. You cannot help stupid.

Obama won… and why did he… simple math. You cannot win the election without the minorities or women. The republican party doubled down on the Tea Party and lost.

I remember what changed my mind about people being capable of being smart no matter what. It was not the “sheeple” attitude of listening and repeating only soundbites. It was racism. Racism that reared its ugly head once again.

Let me clarify, the following statements are RACIST!

You voted for Obama only because he is black. <- Obviously someone that has never read my blog and understands that to me Education and Energy are more relevant than race. "Let's make the white house, white again." <- Yey! Tea Party. I am not foolish, I do know that some black people did vote for Obama just because he is black. I know some voted for Romney because he is white. Latinos in the other hand voted because of the issues and not because of race. I wonder how this would be twisted when the first Hispanic actually makes it into the ballot. I'm compassionate first. Let me repeat that... I care about people first. Let me make it clear, I have volunteered in the past and will do so again. I have given to charity, but most of all I believe that social programs are what makes this country great. I believe in personal responsibility and while there are people that certainly game the system, it is naive to think that the cancer of our society is the people that live in welfare and not the rich guys that pay less taxes than all of us combined. Wake up people and realize that until we as a country start to fight the real problem which is that the money we put into the system is sometimes not used properly. That said something has to be done. Lets first make sure that we have no sick or hungry people in the country first, then lets get rid of the criminals that because they have a white collar can get away with using their church tax exemption to pay less. That is just the start though, from there we need to make sure that we create a place of true fair competition and we move ahead from this era of "by any means necessary." If we learn anything from the past two decades is that we cannot continue to build sand castles and expect them to be there next summer. Lets build a future by staying engaged and learn that this country will be strong again if we wake up, stop the racism and divisiveness and concentrate on the real issues, that rich people are trying to buy the country little by little. Don't be fooled into thinking they want you at their table too. Keep the middle class strong!

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  1. Agree with much of what you say, but…

    “Let’s make the white house, white again.” <- Yey! Tea Party.

    Do you have a link for this? I didn’t see it reported anywhere during the election and my internal radar sounds the “Strawman” warning when I read stuff like this on the Internet.

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