Monday Rant

I felt ranty today and started a post but then I figured I might as well just ramble.

- I never thought I would get into the whole renfest dressing up thing, but I now have a hat and an idea for a whole character.
- I guess that is probably the interesting part of the whole dress up thing, the story behind it.
- It keeps your mind occupied and allows you to forget about the election.
- I have been holding back because I don’t want to have to unfriend more people.
- The stupid meter was almost broken recently with people really pushing its measuring limits.
- I am not implying that I am all that smart either, but at least I try to not be stupid.
- When do people just stop trying, maybe some just never tried at all.
- Back to the renfest, I consumed a turkey leg.
- Way more impressed with the apple dumpling.
- I have to write a post about manliness.
- I might actually upgrade to a straight razor shaving in the near future.
- More effort but way better results.
- Ingrown hairs are angry little pains.
- I have some BBQ sauce that I need to mail.
- It taunts me every time I see it and makes me feel like a procrastinator.
- More like I am getting old and forgetful.
- I want to shave all the pets in the house.
- My throat feels like I am going to cough up a hairball every morning.
- It could just be that allergies are getting to me.
- I need to get back into a workout routine.
- I have to find a bar near the house that has the Bears game every Sunday.
- The nurse has a style of cooking totally different than mine.
- I am learning tons of new stuff and coming up with great new ideas.
- We work well together in the kitchen, its like a little dance.
- I am starting to get the itch to go into teaching.
- I knew I would end up becoming one eventually, but I think it might be near.
- First getting set up financially though, then teaching.
- Longboards might be my favorite place to eat fast food.
- Pandas might make me very sleep deprived over the course of this week.
- I love when I write a sentence that seems like should never fit in with reality.

2 Responses to Monday Rant

  1. Poke poke!!

    I too want to shave my cat.

  2. I wanna see this hat!

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