Monday Rant

I felt ranty today and started a post but then I figured I might as well just ramble.

– I never thought I would get into the whole renfest dressing up thing, but I now have a hat and an idea for a whole character.
– I guess that is probably the interesting part of the whole dress up thing, the story behind it.
– It keeps your mind occupied and allows you to forget about the election.
– I have been holding back because I don’t want to have to unfriend more people.
– The stupid meter was almost broken recently with people really pushing its measuring limits.
– I am not implying that I am all that smart either, but at least I try to not be stupid.
– When do people just stop trying, maybe some just never tried at all.
– Back to the renfest, I consumed a turkey leg.
– Way more impressed with the apple dumpling.
– I have to write a post about manliness.
– I might actually upgrade to a straight razor shaving in the near future.
– More effort but way better results.
– Ingrown hairs are angry little pains.
– I have some BBQ sauce that I need to mail.
– It taunts me every time I see it and makes me feel like a procrastinator.
– More like I am getting old and forgetful.
– I want to shave all the pets in the house.
– My throat feels like I am going to cough up a hairball every morning.
– It could just be that allergies are getting to me.
– I need to get back into a workout routine.
– I have to find a bar near the house that has the Bears game every Sunday.
– The nurse has a style of cooking totally different than mine.
– I am learning tons of new stuff and coming up with great new ideas.
– We work well together in the kitchen, its like a little dance.
– I am starting to get the itch to go into teaching.
– I knew I would end up becoming one eventually, but I think it might be near.
– First getting set up financially though, then teaching.
Longboards might be my favorite place to eat fast food.
– Pandas might make me very sleep deprived over the course of this week.
– I love when I write a sentence that seems like should never fit in with reality.

Separation of Church and State

Just like our country does not have a State language, we don’t have a state religion. For a long time the argument of separation has had a lot to do with meddlesome church people… you know the fondling type. I am now starting to think that it should be used so that hearing people get political does not make me want to go from an affair with atheism to full on marriage.

Secularism is something that transformed a whole region in Canada. It is an interesting chapter to read about. I like it because it makes swearing in French fun specially every time that Spyder cringes. I do get physically punished in the process, which to some might mean that my Catholic upbringing did its job steering me to BDSM. Now if I could only have ballroom butt… inside joke.

What pissed me off this morning on the radio was hearing Chuck Norris get all political and mix religion. Oh man, I don’t even know where to start. I am not even sure if he was going all New World Order tin hat foil or just simply being stupid. The thing is that to use the whole evangelicals should vote, and then assume that it means that they won’t vote for Obama is what bothers me. To call out someone because of socialism while using your religion as a springboard (which by the way its all about being your brother’s keeper) makes me think that logic is not something we are allowed to use as Americans anymore.

You can have all the political views you want, but don’t call on your “congregation” to vote not even for the Mormon, just against the socialist is kind of weird. If the country is going in the wrong direction, is a more religious nation the right direction? When did the republican party get all hijacked as the Christian party?

Keep on beating those drums people and see how more and more people leave the republican party. You will have lots of fun talking to empty chairs with a bunch of tea party people.

At least you will have Chuck Norris on your side.