Dangerous Liaisons

Nothing to do with the old movie or the more recent adaptation. Somehow my brain thought of this title to the rant that is really pissing me off lately.

I had a million reasons to come back to Kansas City but once of the cool ones was that a good friend was already saving me a spot in an indoor soccer league. We will come back to this in a bit.

I love the sport of soccer. I like watching it live and playing it a lot more than actually watching it on TV unless it is the world cup. The game is not exciting to watch on TV unless the level of play is at a very high level. Now to watch it live or play it is another story. I am not a soccer nut by any means, but I do have favorite teams in all the mayor leagues and I keep up with some of the international stuff.

Back in Chicago I was very curious about playing in an indoor league. I played outdoor in highschool and tons of street soccer back in Colombia. Indoor was completely foreign to me but it seemed like something that would be a lot easier to play and a great way to get in shape, or at least as an excuse to stay in shape. I talked to a couple of friends and they told me that it was a horrible idea unless I wanted to end up with a broken ankle. It had happened to one of my college buddies brother. So I steered clear. The way the story was told to me, and I hated the fact that it had that qualifier is that the “Mexican” teams were very dirty and took it way too seriously. As it was explained to me there were other nationalities in the hispanic community there but none dirtier than the team that played under the Mexico flag.

When I moved back up to Chicago my cousins and I played “touch” football one weekend. After seeing how they went full force with no pads I could see hospital visits in my future. I said no thanks to future inqueries to join their “fun” games. I guess I am officially old when I don’t think blowing out a knee should be a part of my weekend activities.

Fast forward to my KC friend talking about indoor. The selling point was that it was a co-ed league so there would be no dirty play. Also that it was an amateur league so the play was not very competitive. I was excited and even after the first game it looked like a promising thing. I was looking forward to getting in shape so I would be able to be more than just a sub but actually play entire periods.

Chimpo made fun of me on twitter before I started and thank Jebus that it was not profetic when he mentioned a broken leg on his little jab.

The second game that I was a part of was against a team where the guys all looked like they played soccer every day and on top of it were on roids. The girls on that team were also quick. First ball I get, first intimidation kick I get right to my shin. Lucky for me years of soccer and martial arts have killed enough nervs in that area that it barely registered.

It was a slaughter. The shots at our goal resonated throught the whole sports complex. I think the score was like 11 or 12 to 1 by the end of the match. It had the feel of when small country teams play the dream team in the olympics. It was pretty silly to have that level of team play with the amateurs.

The following week I had a personal thing come up so I could not make the match and that is when the drop that filled the cup happened.

Two of the girls that play in our team are related. Mother and daugther. They are both good soccer players. The daugther is probably one of our best players overall. Great speed, great ball management and can probably kick harder on goal while running than I can. This is a second hand account of what happened because I was not there.

One of the “Hispanic” teams played against our team. Again I hate the fact that it has to be identified as that and it is a little embarrasing since I am hispanic. I was not there to confirm nationalities either… actually I am pretty glad because I would have been happy to lend my swearing skills to the encounter. One of the girls fouled our best girl pretty badly and an actual physical altercation ensued. Mother defends daughter and they both get suspended for 10 games (so basically the rest of the season and into the next one.)

I am pretty new to our team and have only been to that All American Sports a handful of times throught the years. From what I hear the place has become all about taking people’s money and not really providing a service. Our team is pretty much dissolved since both our captain and our best players are not allowed to play. Granted they were involved in a confrontation but who goes full force in an amateur league where you are playing just for fun.

I am pretty dissapointed that I won’t get to play soccer on Fridays anymore. I might get in shape and eventually play outdoor again. They all have the possibility for injury. I know some of the people that play soccer are going to start playing kickball… I guess a safer alternative. Maybe it is better to just stick to the home gym.

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