Just before begining to write this I did check to make sure that my buddy Nuke had not started his post. I was visiting when we got into the subject of “who owns your facebook wall.” I think he will have an interesting post about the subject and I am really looking forward to commenting on what he writes. This did spark a long discussion and a lot of thoughts in my head.

I started blogging back in 2004 from Michigan. I still travelled back to Chicago quite a bit, and even though I did make an awesome friend in Michigan thanks to my blog locally, my best friend is all the way out in California. My blog did not really go local until I moved to Kansas City. I have met many of the commenters on my blog, followed a ton of new people and created awesome relationships outside of the internet world. I loved the KC bloggin community, it felt like a family. Then came twitter and it changed the landscape completely.

I like a lot of the people I met through twitter and it is a great place to find people to do stuff with on short notice. I do DM people more than actually tweet so its more like an overgrown rollodex for me. I do hear that people have discussions and chats with the site, but I have not really seen it as a platform and besides harrassing meesha, XO, Nuke and The D I really don’t seem to get much out of my miliage there.

Writting on a blog does not only take inspiration, it takes actual effort. The time it takes to type an entry here I could have tweeted all about how many times I pooped today and how all of a sudden I have more regular bowel movements. Yeap, some people tweet that crap… literally. As amusing as it is, I don’t feel like I own my twitter account and have gone back and forth between open and closed to only friends.

With facebook it has never been a question for me, its a communication tool for those people I know. My soapbox has always been my blog. Facebook is more like my livingroom. Facebook merges not only the world of my friends and family with internet buddies, but also people I met via twitter. Linkedin has been kept mostly business and I might connect with you in linkedin but not friend you.

My facebook has always been about foodporn mostly because I know it annoys some of my friends, and it makes others hungry. Its fun to taunt people with food the have had but have no immediate access to. I don’t get too political in there, and really don’t anywhere anymore. I do feel like I own my wall and my connections. If I don’t like what you are posting (hate related stuff mostly) my connection to you is severed. I do like debate and civil conversation, but the moment that something becomes about namecalling or hate I really don’t want it there. Just like I would not want it in the livingroom of my home. I like my wall to feel like a place of safe exchange, not a place to take dumps.

I know I don’t own my wall, facebook owns it. I do own this blog, the domain and the content here. I don’t often delete comments here unless I don’t like you or your message. Careful though, don’t assume that just because you have an opposing view I don’t like you. I do like intelligent debate. Sheeple, not so much.

Facebook Sheeple

This weekend visiting the KC Ethnic Festival I felt amazing. It was not just the company of my awesome nurse, which does make things that much more fun. It was the feeling that human can find things to relate with each other (awesome food) rather than things that separate us (the never ending hateful posts on facebook recently.) That feeling of how many people can come together and share something is what I felt in the bloggin community here in KC.

I know this is going around in many circles, but it does have a point or common theme. I miss the debate that blogs used to create, I miss the exchange of ideas, but most of all I miss the sense of community. The bloogsphere here in KC used to feel like a nice hangout and facebook used to feel like it had the potential to continue that. Today as their stuck plummets facebook reminds me more of myspace than it should.

In the world of the internet we all know that we seldom go backwards. Not sure if we can get back to blogs or not but it is a nice dream isn’t it.

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  1. My point was that it is somewhat hypocritical to use an interactive social medium, that allows you to restrict interaction to yor friends, and then tell people that they aren’t allowed to disagree with you.

    I agree that the “owner” of a FB page or blog that encourages interaction has the ability, even the responsibility, to keep debate civil. What I don’t like is people who choose to squash any debate. It’s just as limiting as only choosing information sources that support your point of view. Not admitting dissenting opinion is a dick move, but more importantly it limits the information available, not to those dissenting but to the person who is blocking dissent.

    I made my post this morning. Those interested can find the link to the right.

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