As my world seems to explode with political ads, I cannot simply be excited by the implosion of the republican party that now stands for nothing but whatever they think will get them elected. Obamacare being the evil that it is, specially coming from that no carrying illegal Muslim of a president we have. Bigotry seems to be the high fashion these days. It matters not that I studied for the constitution exam when becoming a citizen. “No siree(, Bob)!” my “brown” complexion makes me an automatic Mexican; better yet, if I go to Arizona I might even be deported to my country of “origin.”

I promise to hold back on the quotes… as “hard” as it might be.

I am just tired of how diluted our world becomes every day when we look for common denominators on things that really don’t matter. We ignore what is really going on around us and can unite us and go for those things that separate us. What do I have in common with a multimillionaire that pays little taxes? Nothing. What do I have in common with many other Americans struggling to make their house payments? A lot more. Yet, I see people every day supporting ideologies that people that they have nothing in common with (besides some rhetoric.) Ideologies sometimes as dangerous as ones that support that inequality that should have been abolished long ago. Equality only applies to the opportunity to make money, not to anything else.

This is not just about eating some crappy chicken either.

When the ads on TV do nothing but attack candidates it makes it clear that they are not trying to convey a message, they are just trying to win a race. They are not trying to win your support, they are trying to make the other guy lose more support. Political parties seem to now have a checklist to determine if you are now in line what with they believe or not. We don’t vote for individuals, we vote for clones that fit the current molds the best. The thing we are losing though is respect. Self respect.

Instead of discussing politics and trying to build on each other’s ideas we have do spend tons of time a day tuning out the same garbage over and over. Instead of talking of solutions we talk about how we can undo what the other person is doing. Nobody respects ideas anymore unless they are the same one as our own.

If you want to eat chicken from a place that does not support gay marriage, do so.

I personally have always been for gay marriage. I have debated that topic in the past before and the conclusion for me at least is that if you believe it is a choice to be gay, there is no reason for me to talk to you about the subject any longer. It’s something I have made my mind up about. A gay person’s choice of not being gay anymore is as easy as me trying to stop being brown by bleaching my skin and shaving my head to be something I am not. I could chose to pretend I am not something, but when you are what you are there is really no choice. The choice is on the behavior side of things not on what the person is.

We live in a world that seems to want to remind us of labels constantly instead of wanting to judge us for our deeds. I hope that changes. I chose to look at people for who they are and what their actions are, not for what label society wants to put on them. If you are not capable of that, good luck with your life deprived of the browns and the gays and possibly the non bigot pasty people too.

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