Restarting the Engine

Blogging has been something that has been difficult for me to do as of lately. I have a lot to say about thew world around me, but most of it is frustration and sadness. Thankfully that chapter seems to be over and now that my uncle has passed on I think I can once again put my thoughts here. Even when there are a millions things to talk about it seems secondary to someone close to you battling a terminal illness. I am sure I will eventually post about the lesson’s learned throughout the process.

Being back in Kansas City has been a great blessing in many respects. Sure, the fact that my love and emotional life are in a very good place now is amazing, but the balance that I have achieved in every other aspect is also very telling. I still love Chicago as much as always, but Kansas City feels like home.

Things with my nurse get better and better each time. I had spent plenty of time in my life trying to figure out who I was a not much time actually being. We seem to spend our time together actually doing things rather than talking about them. More than support for who I am or I want to accomplish (which I get) I feel that she is proud of who I am. She is proud to have me by her side as much as I am proud of her. That is a great feeling in the middle of many that I had never felt before from a partner in crime.

The new job is going great. It was that job that I thought I should have had a while back but I am glad I did not get until now. The experience that I have gained during my previous two companies has really enhanced my capability of doing a great job in this present job. It is pretty cool to be able to apply what you know to help others do a better job. The travel part is just icing on the cake.

I have spent this summer doing lots of things that I thought I would not do. Some I enjoy more than others, but I feel like I am being more open minded. I have a more solid grasp on what I want out of my relationships in life and I think the ones I have now are stronger than ever before.

The only thing the really sucks right now is time. I don’t have nearly enough time to do everything that I want to so. Hopefully can stick with it and start to blog again in a consistent basis.

How is this summer treating you?

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  1. It’s really hot here still, John… sux! hang in there and it sounds like things are really on the up and up for you with your job and your nurse lady friend :-) very cool! miss ya, man!

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