Live from OP KS

Working for a security company sucks because being behing the monstrous firewall prevents me from freely trolling the stupid people that want yo move to Canada to avoid Obamacare… Funny part is that Canada does not want you and they have their own pre-existing condition clause.

I am officially back in the KC area, living in Raytown which finally makes my 816 cell legit, but working in Overpriced Park which would kind of would put me in hypocrite waters if I start hating on the JOCO d-bags.

Things are going amazing with my lovely nurse. It seems like my whole life had been leading up to us being together. Finally found someone crazy enough to want to be happy every day.

I am slowly catching up with everyone here and looking forward to hanging out. Will be playing some indoor soccer tonight!

Really looking forward to a lot of things coming up.

Only sad part is my uncle is getting worse and worse. Less responsive every day. I do feel like I did much as I could fit him. Now it is just the matter of waiting for him to rest in peace.

Glad to be back in the cowtown.


So I have worked with douche-bags before. Monumental even. I can take the ones that are ignorant and a little racist; but this one is the combination of everything that is wrong with the world all wrapped into a single muscle shirt tightly wound package. Think of Musolini having sex with Snooky then the kid being raised by the Butabi brothers. The following are some of the things that I have wanted to or had to say… and I actually have said some of them out loud.

– Don’t call me DOG! we are not friends and you are not Randy Jackson.
– No, just because we have a Russian coworker it does not mean they belong to the KGB or the Russian Mafia.
– No, not all Colombians are drug dealers.
– No, I don’t want to see your hair chest showing.
– Yes, you do look like Eurotrash on that shirt.
– No, I don’t give a rats ass about your Rolex that you got in Vegas from a pawn shop.
– Please take your phone with you, your ring tone is offensive.
– No, you are NOT James Bond.
– No, I don’t care about what supplement you are taking.
– No, I don’t want to go to your “spot” for lunch.
– I am not impressed by your jacket with Ducati on it, ITS SUMMER, you DON’T need a jacket.
– You don’t even ride a motorcycle to work, do you even know what Ducati is?
– Yes, I have felt silk before. NO I DON’T WANT TO TOUCH YOUR SHIRT TO SEE HOW IT FEELS.
– Please quit looking up famous Colombian drug dealers in wikipedia.
– It is not wise to discuss bonus structures because different job codes get different percentages.
– HR sits right outside our cubes. See her… head of HR.
– No I am not mad, I just don’t want to talk to you.
– Yes I am on a conference call, hence the headset being light up.
– If you do rock climbing all the time, why do you spend so much time in the Gym.
– No, it is not cool to pelt people in racquetball, specially if they are 20 years your senior.
– No it is not ok to squat in an office that is not yours.
– Please stop talking to me.

Remember back in the day when I used to be friendly and wanted to have friends. I have been cured. I already have all the friends I need, the prospects out there for new ones are scary.

Hating Presents

You know what one of the best presents I ever got? a Pandaren Brewmaster Deluxe Figure from Blizzard. DeGuia seems to always get me something very awesome for my birthday. I am not materialistic and did not expect such an awesome present from anyone but he went out of his ways to get me something I would really enjoy. He also got me the Game of Thrones books which I am still enjoying. I start with this because I don’t want to seem ungrateful on my post, because I am for everything anyone does for me but it has taken a while to be ok with getting presents.

I used to hate my birthday being celebrated. Partly because it was seldom celebrated and even forgotten, but it also had to do with getting presents. I was very dismissive of getting things I did not want growing up. I remember getting upset when I felt that people getting me presents put no thought into it. You know that saying “its the thought that counts…” well even that saying can be a double edge sword. You can still get a present and it have little or no thought behind it.

I love family. I love my family. My extended family can and has driven me nuts in the past. I don’t understand them completely yet, but I have started to as I get older.

People give and receive love in different ways, and while I could talk about it from a relationship standpoint it can also do with how you interact with your family.

I used to dislike the fact that being part of a big family meant that every single weekend there was a party for something or other. I also used to get very annoyed when kids birthday turned into adult gatherings. As I get older and become part of the “adult” group I start to get it a little more.

For the more social people in the family gathering together every weekend means something. If you have Italian friends and have been lucky enough to be invited to a Sunday dinner you know how important they are to them. Being social to some people is what family is all about. The birthdays, graduations and other gatherings are simply excuses just to see each other. I did not appreciate that before, but now that I get a little older I am starting to.

I still think that a birthday party should be about celebrating the person and not an excuse for the grown ups to get their “drink” on. I do however respect the fact that family might just want to spend time with everyone. Its hard to make the switch and start liking birthdays, gatherings and presents but I am working on it.

Family is very important to me and I am glad that I have so many people in the world that want me in their lives. I still don’t want people to make a big fuss over my birthday, but I am now more willing to celebrate it so I can see family and friends. It might not be the way I receive love, but if that is the way that some of those around me do, what is wrong with sharing the love?