- You know those days that seem to fit like a weeks worth of stuff into… I just had like 5 of those.
- Its awesome to potentially be in a list denying you entry to visit a loved one even though you were out of town while the drama happened.
- Oh yea, I went to an awesome wedding.
- I danced, and I ate til my belly almost burst.
- Oh and I got farted on too, no lie.
- Not just a fart either, it was a full shart that probably required panty change.
- I also went to a high school graduation where I counted the non-whites in attendance.
- I have always loved rednecks, Travis indoctrinated me into the culture.
- I have been listening to and liking country lately… no shit… I know its hard to believe.
- I have encountered a new set of people I dislike, rednecks that become hipster douche-bags and drive “sports cars.”
- NO, being a convertible does not make a car a sport-car.
- Yes the mini is still a glorified golf cart.
- More smart car than mustang.
- I guess I am going to be golfing a lot in the near future.
- I will be playing in a charity tournament… so time to hit some balls.
- Ball jokes in a golf course don’t seem to get old.
- Golf is 90% the people you play with 10% the actual hitting of the balls.
- Yes, I am madly in love with my nurse.
- I had never seen Archer before, DANGER ZONE.
- The nurse and I enjoy watching it quite a bit.
- I have been so busy lately, but good busy.
- The bad busy is almost over.
- I am amazed by how many people just LOVE to be in the middle of drama.
- Really people, it has nothing to do with you directly quit trying to wiggle your way into it.
- Wiggle x3 YEA.
- Chi-Jua-Jua is still funny… so is CONNOR!!!
- That bread was def suspect.
- Oh yea, big corporations, its a douchebag move to not let people say good bye to coworkers when you lay them off.
- Seriously!
- Jdizzle still owes me a list of songs and or bands to listen to.
- I am seriously considering picking up the guitar again.
- I can get a cowboy hat and play country… around a campfire and sh!t.
- Ok maybe not the cowboy part.
- I am more a dog person than a cat person… like 60%-40%
- Did you guys know that Monday night is stripper night in Walmart.
- No lie, there was like 3 different one with about 6 kids each.
- Mallcops are the bomb when they have segways.
- Did you know that a vampire dates guys with mullets. Yeap, I saw it at the mall.
- Also when they reproduce they create a fashion challenged girl, an emo dude and hipster douchbag.
- I could be wrong and they only produced the emo dude, the other two could be friends.
- I got my first “pedi” ever.
- I tried to refuse the Korean lady, but she went all Mama-san on me and I feared for my safety if I said no.
- I swear one of the Korean ladies said “om nom nom nom nom” mid conversation.
- I know a little bit of Korean, but not enough to understand context.
- It looks like I am finally getting an official step Dad. (Mom got engaged! woot)
- Oh yea, I get to see DeGuia soon! I cannot wait.
- I have worked for too many 3 letter companies.
- Almost every single one of the companies I have worked for has 3 letters… except for a couple. NDS-HWS-CSS-AON-CVS.
- I had an awesome weekend… I wish it would have extended to the next weekend.
- I did not know I have Monday off. ROADTRIP!
- I do have some things that I need to take care of.
- Seeing people in pain from a bad back makes you really want to take care of your now.
- I am also very thankful that I stopped smoking and don’t drink all that much.
- I still love bacon though, DAM YOU BACON.
- I loled when during the graduation speech the Valedictorian mispelled the word FAITH… he said F-A-I-H-T … I was not the only one to catch it either.
- Maybe if he had autocorrect.
- With time, the truth always comes out.
- Life is too short to spend time on talking about the past.
- Making memories of us, that is how I want to spend my time.

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  1. I. Love. Archer. Funny shit.

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