- Still stuck on inside jokes.
- That and I am dating a nurse. Hello Nurse!
- Until about a month I had taken maybe 3 naps.
- Since I have taken about a dozen.
- I can still function well on 3 hours sleep.
- It is pretty nice to be able to wake up at 7 AM.
- My uncle is getting worse.
- I am starting to dislike his wife more and more each day.
- When the head enters the sand to ignore reality it also block hope.
- “Punishing” someone already in their death bed is not just cruel, it should be criminal.
- I have the love of more mothers than it should be legal.
- Say it with me, Chi-Jua-Jua like a military chant.
- Remember the movie UP? now instead of squirrel say CHODE!
- I will wait until you go to google.
- CHODE > D-Bag
- Golf is in my future, like lots of it.
- I love sushi and also the train that carries it.
- I got to grill a little bit this weekend, looking forward to more grilling.
- Good vibes, yeap, good vibes.
- Sometimes what you ask for is not want you need.
- Sometimes what you need is not what you want.
- Its good to be wanted, specially when you are not needed.
- I miss hard rock and heavy metal, I think I am going to have a love affair with it again.
- Wiggle x3 YEAH!
- Music does not just get me through the day, it gets me through life.
- I might check Japan out of my bucket list sooner rather than later.
- Then there is the whole not wanting to be a human glow stick problem, so it might be later.
- Tomorrow my future step father is getting surgery.
- I am looking forward to that wedding.
- They have been together for years.
- When you know, you know.

2 Responses to Chi-Jua-Jua

  1. dude, golf is terrible, wtf…. ;-) glad to see the heavy music though, just make sure its “good / legit ” heavy music.

  2. Now I am super curious about what makes it LEGIT, I will get a list from you this week Mr new DADDY!

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