A boy named Sophie

- Actually not a boy, an actual gender bending cat.
- Not his fault he was sexed incorrectly really.
- Nope the title has nothing to do with anything.
- Inside jokes can still be funny to outsiders.
- A person’s name was mispronounced for almost a month and it sounded like Fabio.
- The actual name was not even close.
- Don’t you love multi/city multi/hour meetings?
- Someone used the word “googlish” meaning like google in the meeting.
- It amused me greatly.
- Hand-holding awesome in personal situations, infuriating when it comes to business process.
- It is comforting to see meetings be cancelled as soon as I schedule a day off, not that it means that I am the only one that actually works.
- My mood elevator is broken, its more like a green room now.
- What is up with tree hugging doctors, light healing just does not cut it.
- I actually got a workout in this week, not sure if it will see a repeat.
- I want warm weather, not humidity!
- Talking about God with atheist is amusing.
- Work would be so much better if I could play bullshit bingo.
- I also created a new meeting drinking game.
- I do Starbucks shots every time I hear “Synergy or -Like, You know”
- My internal messenger status is “I’m still alive.”
- Have you heard Cake’s version of “I Will Survive”?
- Pretty fly for a brown guy does not sound funny.
- Pretty fly for a beaner does not either.
- I love beans, so beaner works.
- Oh yea, Colombians are now known for good looking prostitutes! Thanks Secret Service.
- 49 bucks for a handy… that is so “Money”
- You have to do p90x to get the – so “Money” joke.
- See now you are almost IN the know.
- Are we there yet?

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