Jealous People

This weekend I am texting back and forth with Nuke. The all of a sudden he switches gear and starts talking about a “mail” bikini. It was not mail, it was actually scale armor, but I digress.

Eventually the pictures of such bikini surfaced and one of the comments on the picture made me go, wtf.

Facebook comments often times make me go WTF, but this one took the cake this week for me.

… without giving out the who, well, I kind of did in some ways already … the comment went something like, “You still got it, when are you going to get middle age and fat already?”

I have no clue who the person that made the comment is. For all I know they are good friends and joke like this all the time, but it really made me wonder why some woman say stuff like that to each other. Was it a joke or a truly jealous comment?

I am not that interested in getting to the bottom of that one, but it did make me thing about jealousy. Mostly about jealous people.

It has to suck to want what others have but you can’t have. I thank my Mom for bringing me up to never really want something simply because someone else had it. My self-worth is not attached to my personal possessions or how I look. That is not to say that I don’t want to have nice things, or be in shape… but I don’t see Brad Pitt and say, I hate that guy for having that body.

Jealousy sometimes is simply masked insecurity. It is not something easy to conquer in every situation, but it can really derail things in an emotional level. I guess the only way to combat it is to be self-assured or satisfied with what you have.

3 comments on “Jealous People

  1. Agreed. Jealousy in my opinion is the most evil and destructive personal flaw. Period. It destroys friendships, relationships, and the quality of life in general. It leads people to say and do things that they normally wouldn’t do or say. It’s like, an anti-goal driven by spite. Rarely do I ever experience jealousy. I am secure in who I am and what I have. But I have been a victim of it and I see others victimize not only others, but themselves. I have no problem if you’re an asshole. I can manage that. But a jealous asshole is too much to bear.

  2. Picky, picky. I used the term chain mail because most people there were using the term and it is generally more widly recognized than scale mail or scale armor.

    I didn’t take the comment on the pictures to be jealous or hateful, but more that the commenter was remembering a time when they were in better shape themselves.

    Anyway, back to topic. Everybody should have goals and desires, in fact I would be suspicious of anyone claiming not to. Sometimes wishes or desires get mixed in with things like depression, low selk esteem, or the fact that you just don’t like somebody else and it goes from a positive to a negative. Once that happens rationality goes out the door and people are capable of saying or doing some horrible things.

    I don’t like to think I am a jealous person and I have never been involved with somebody who was, so I can’t say jealousy has played a big part in my life. I can however recognize it for the caustic condition it is.

  3. I never used to think I was a jealous person. But, sometimes when I don’t like someone, I realize it may be because they have something I wish I had — maybe a material thing, physical attribute, or personality trait. Anyway, once I am honest with myself and recognize the jealousy, I usually see the person in a whole new way. After all, my jealousy of them is my fault, not theirs.

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