TGIF Atheist Style

– I like saying thank God as a figure of speech.
– I used to say THANKS God before someone corrected me… it might still slip out.
– I admire guys like Hitchens and Harris.
– “Take the risk of thinking for yourself, much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will come to you that way.” – Hitchens.
– I still find comfort in religion and my imaginary friend.
– I am comfortable in a biker bar talking about boobs and beer and also in a highrise with a bunch of PhDs and their dissertations.
– I might do both of those in the same week.
– Smart people fascinate me, not sure why they intimidate people.
– Stupidity is way more intimidating.
– I met this dude last night and he was not intimidating.
– I also promised to troll him, but that would require some reading and I don’t feel like it.
– Political science is intimidating but I like Aristotle.
– If my website were to screw Meesha‘s site and get it pregnant you would have Ed’s website design.
– I will use intimidating again and it is because I am scared.
– It has been a long time since I have been this scared.
– Most of the time fear goes away with the use of simple logic.
– This time it is not working at all.
– It amuses me when people think that being controlled with your emotions means that you are controlling.
– I don’t manipulate people, I use all my powers for awesome.
– Just because I can think clearly in stressful situations it does not mean I don’t feel.
– During this whole ordeal with my uncle’s terminal illness I have not felt the need to talk to God about it.
– I think God and I have a marriage of convenience, I try to love him but his actions make me think he does not love me.
– I love the fact that most people that read what I write only get about 2% of what I am trying to say and 72% will find what is serious funny and 28% what is funny serious.
– I personally belong to the percentage that finds what is funny serious.
– I might not be telling the truth about those percentages.
– Does a disclaimer have to come before you lie or after?
– I am not sure if lies hurt the liar more or the one that was lied to.
– In Spanish the word innocence is used a lot to convey unaware, we also use “he had not broken his fast.”
– I need to stop reading books that revolve around hunger when I am trying to lose weight.
– Nope it is not the Hunger Games, it is the Game of Thrones.
– I should have asked the political scientists that I was hanging out with last night to play chess with me.
– I did not want to stereotype though.
– Oh! btw, Fuck you Travis! I love you too.
– Life continues to remind me that in the end it is all about love.
– I think I am going to spend the rest of my life learning about patience.
– Waiting for something for years to happen should show patience.
– The more patient I am asked to be, the better the result I expect.
– This weekend will be rainy but I will be indoors most of it.
– I still hate meetings.
– I hate the fact that I get happy when there is communication happening in a meeting.
– Meetings where communication does not happen should be refunded… time wise.
– The academic world sounds a lot more fun, their meetings always involve food.
– Is it time to become a full time teacher?

4 comments on “TGIF Atheist Style

  1. phds keep their dissertations laying around?

    casually tossed on an occasional table, as in, “Oh, that old thing? That’s just my dissertation On The More Obscure Tertiary Impacts of an Accepted Hypothetical Regarding the Known Effects of on Hitchhiking Through the Galaxy Without a Towel. Why?”

    seems a tad disingenuous…

  2. phDs have their dissertations in their heads.

    Ed is moving back to IL, by the way. I’m sure he’ll also keep up the comic gig.

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