Post April Fools Ramble

– Words like ventilator and tracheotomy change in meaning when you have to use them in a sentence involving a loved one.
– I need to write a living will soon.
– How a person looks should not be part of a hiring process if they will not be facing the client.
– I know it does, I would not show up to an interview in shorts and flip-flops.
– The more I seem to get better at communication, the more I lean towards saying less and listening more.
– Silence at times says more than words.
– I love it when an idea that I present is slightly changed and passed as original.
– I think that is kind of what Steve Jobs used to do to his people and that is why so many of them loved him.
– From his own mouth, “Good artists copy, great artists steal!”
– I have come to hate most meetings now.
– Sometimes it feels like a real accomplishment to get a point across and achieve communication.
– Its funny when communication happens very seldom in meetings.
– I need a vacation.
– I have a vacation coming up but it is not coming soon enough.
– I also have a wedding I really would like to attend.
– I also want to go to Vegas… and California… and KC… and Tampa… maybe I should become a consultant again and get paid to travel that much.
– I don’t miss the consulting world at all.
– I am just really sad about people close to me having health issues.
– Even winning the powerball would not have helped the health issues.
– Really puts things into perspective.
– I hate this heavy heart feeling.
– I am trying to crack myself up and having a hard time with it.
– I am thankful for the people around me that can make me laugh.
– Laughter is the best therapy.

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