CPR on Chivalry

One of the topics that I don’t discuss enough is feminism. One because of the militant nature that most people associate with the word. Recently I have thought about the subject a lot more. Specifically about how women seem to be more cyber-bullied than man, also stalked and harassed because of what they post.

That certainly does not scare me, but it does bring up a point. I can still remember the day when I stopped holding doors.

A lady I worked with took offense to me offering to help her carry some heavy stuff she was carrying. I mean she was truly offended and was very vocal about it. I never meant to offend her, it was just the way I was raised. For a long time I stopped doing chivalrous things because of it.

Equality is a very nice abstract concept, but it is very hard to apply in actuality.

I believe everyone deserves the same opportunities regardless of sex. I also believe that I should be able to be chivalrous without it being perceived as sexist of a put down. I work with a lot more woman now than I have done in the past, and I see plenty of them in the elevator. Recently I actually carried some heavy stuff for someone all the way to their car. I said who gives a crap if someone will take offense at the offer. It made me feel good that she took the offer and was thankful.

I also got a kiss from my wife this weekend when I helped an older man in the hospital parking garage find their car. That made me feel good as well. I will continue to look for things to bring chivalry back into my life more and more. I think it should be part of being a man.

3 comments on “CPR on Chivalry

  1. I will applaud you any time you take the time to help someone. It shows you care, and I love people who care. :)

  2. People sometimes find it hard to have nice things done for them. Sadly, this is the state of the world right now.

  3. If a woman is offended because you offered to help her, then she is sexist, not you. If she is offended, then you should have just given her a reason to be offended and called her the bitch that she is. At least then her reaction to you would be justified.

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