Thursday Rambling

– I need to go see “bedroom eyes.”
– That is the nickname that Bea and I came up with for my barber.
– She could be my Grandma and is a sweet old lady.
– She also really likes my eyes.
– For whatever reason she found it appropriate to tell me I had “bedroom eyes.”
– I had never heard that before.
– So she became “bedroom eyes.”
– She is also Italian, but loves Mexican food.
– Yes she knows I am Colombian.
– She has questioned me on bean preparation.
– I don’t mind being a “beaner” I love beans.
– I finished the first book of the GoT.
– Awesome birthday present from DeGuia.
– My wife has not started it, but I think she will enjoy it.
– Did I mention I hate cruises.
– But I love my wife more than I hate cruises.
– So a cruise might be in my near future.
– We are also going to Colombia soon.
– And after that to Kansas… but not KC… its a wedding.
– Not too soon though, still weeks away… or is it months, I am horrible with time.
– Not really, I just don’t want you in my business.
– I am losing a loved one soon.
– Terminal illness is a bitch.
– At the same time, we are all going to die some day.
– Sickness scares me a lot more than death.
– Even though ALS is not hereditary I do think about it affecting me.
– Main reason I stopped red meat was medical.
– I think I mentioned it before, the great uncle that seemed to share the most genetic makeup with me died of a heart attack.
– But the thing that made me really cut back the red meat was actually gout pain.
– People talk about pains, but having pain on your toe to the point you want it to be chopped off is no joke.
– Cutting back a the red meat was not as hard as I thought.
– I wish it was because I hate GMOs
– or because Beef carbon foot print is the size of a hummer.
– But no it was totally because of a pain on my big toe.
– Bike riding is enjoyable.
– Way more than running.
– My workout routine now includes Kempo.
– I miss TKD and Kungfu.
– I miss my teachers more.
– I need to get to Michigan this year.
– And California, and Colorado, and KC, and Puerto Rico, and Tampa.
– I guess its not a bad thing to have friends all over the place that want to see you.
– The weather is too nice outside.
– There should be an automatic day off per weather niceness index.
– It would be good for the soul.

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