Let it ride!

They say you never forget how to ride a bike. This would be bike #4 in my life. By far the nicest bike ever. Bea and I are really excited about it since we have a nice paved bike less than 3 miles for us. We rode a bit yesterday and it made me think about the bikes I’ve had.

My first bike was pink. I am not kidding. It was a hand me down bike from my cousin when she moved here to the US. It was a banana sit type of bike. It looked something like this.

I rode that bike pretty consistently until I was around 8 or 9. I really did not care too much about the color of it… heck so me of the kids on the street a lived in did not even have a bike.

My second bike was a BMX type of bike and was red. It was not the sturdiest of bikes and I broke the fork on it numerous times. I probably rode it until I moved to the US myself. I probably did not ride it half as much as i did the pink one. It is weird to think of not going to far from home because you are scared that someone is going to steal your bike. That actually happened quite often. It was not an unsafe neighborhood persay, but bikes are one of those things that an older teenager can easily steal from a younger kid.

As an adult I bought a cheap bike from a big box store. I don’t even remember the brand, it was kind of a beige color bike. I literally rode that bike twice. It was sad to see it just gather dust and eventually rust. I never really got used to the sit and overall just did not enjoy it. It was more of an impulse buy than anything else.

The bike I have now was well researched and vetted by a lot of my friends. Most of them are doing road stuff and even some triathlons. I have to dig the pictures of us when they were wolfing down burgers with me. We are excited to start riding, the focus will be fun, the health aspect of it will simply be an added bonus.

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  1. In talking to “real bike people”, I’ve realized when I finally do buy a bike, it apparently has to cost at LEAST $500, lol…. 😉

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