Mid Week Rambling

– Wednesdays are my never-ending meeting days.
– This Wednesday Rocked! I felt like I got a lot accomplished… IN MEETINGS.
– I need to remember to get water before a 2+ hour block of meetings.
– I don’t like when the weather is nice out and I am stuck indoors with little natural light.
– This might be the year that sees me motorcycle riding again.
– While I was away from Chicago all my smoking, drinking and italian beef eating friends became health nuts.
– Not all of them, but most.
– We are both getting brand new bikes delivered to our local shop this week.
– It has been a while since I had a bike, but I am looking forward to riding one.
– Both the motor and not motored one.
– It is going to be in the 60s next week.
– That is really weird for Chicago this time of the year.
– When I had a motorcycle any time it got above 35 I would try to ride to work.
– My wife’s last visit to the Dr. went awesome.
– Proud of all her efforts and progress.
– Ever since I started my new job about 6 months ago I have been changing my diet.
– It has also been almost a year of greatly reducing the amount of beef consumed.
– Weird that all those changes did not feel like much until I started to seriously work out.
– Well, switching to filtered water did make me feel different.
– While I was away from Chicago our group switched places to meet at.
– This year we might go back to the place we used to meet at when I was riding.
– I miss those nights, hopefully we do go back there again for this season.
– There is nothing that like the feeling of riding in a pack of 50+ motorcycles.

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  1. Anytime I see a group of motorcyclists, I’m reminded of the South Park episode with all the motorcyclists and I laugh. My grandfather and dad rode, and my uncles still do! Wear a helmet!

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