Monday Ramble

– Today does not feel like a Monday.
– It feels more like a really weird Wednesday.
– I think a lot of people took the day off.
– The weekend seemed to have gone by way too fast.
– Trying another Indian Restaurant failed again.
– The bar is maybe set too high from our favorite place back in KC.
– I keep on saying that its the service, but that is not true.
– Food should not make you sick after you eat it.
– We are spoiled having a Colombian bakery to make up for bad food.
– Old posts seem to be getting comments lately.
– I want to revisit some of those posts.
– I make tons of simple mistakes when writing because I write too fast.
– I try to edit every post before I hit publish.
– If i edited everything to perfection I would never post anything.
– I actually have a day off mid week!
– Looking forward to the break in the middle of the week.
– I never realized how much I miss my good dentist in Michigan.
– At least we found an awesome ophthalmologist.
– KU graduate nonetheless.
– I did not set an alarm for this morning and still woke up in time.
– I went to bed kind of late too.
– I am still concerned that we might have to pay for the nice weather.
– I love being able to feel the sun on my face in the morning.
– I have not listened to podcasts in a couple of weeks.
– I guess it is time to start my podcast with DeGuia then.
– Thanks to him I am reading The Game of Thrones.
– So far so good.
– The Hunger Games movies comes out in March.
– My little niece wants to see it.
– It is interesting that she is old enough to enjoy things I like.
– She had no clue who Madonna was.
– We got into an e-mail war over Lady Gaga > Madonna.
– Madonna is def the chicken with Lady Gaga being the egg.
– Per DeGuia, Lil Kim is the chicken, Nicky (Manige?) is the egg.
– The older I get the more I like some country pop music.
– Dam you DeGuia, I also love me some Rockabilly.
– Nuke and I agree that youth is wasted on the young.

2 comments on “Monday Ramble

  1. Our favorite Indian place in KC was Taste of Asia. We have Taste of India here, but it’s Nepalese, and our Indian friends say it’s ok, not great. We like it.

    Our eye doctor is from IU, where John studied for his phD. My boss went to K-State and then lived in the country for awhile near the camels and I-70.

    Madonna is definitely a chicken. I’m glad she wore arm warmers during the SuperBowl show so we didn’t have to see her Gollum arms.

    John loved Game of Thrones.

    I’ve heard Hunger Games are kinda violent for littler kids.

  2. Hunger Games is young adult, but my niece is 11 and loved it. Its weird, I don’t think of her of being too young for that book at all. It is really tame though, not super violent but there is a little violence… I mean the do kill each other :)

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