Whitney Rambling

– Two ramblings back to back.
– Have to give the people what they want.
– Whitney Houston is dead.
– They are saying prescription pill + alcohol.
– But she could have also drowned in the hot-tub.
– So much talent lost in part to substance abuse.
– Being famous seems to not be for everyone.
– I am sadder about her death than Michale Jackson.
– In a way they died to the same thing, trying to numb the pain.
– I think we are all addicted to something in some degree.
– I am addicted to caffeine for sure.
– Not sure why but I always found Whitney way more talented than Celine.
– It could have been Titanic, that murdered Celine for me.
– NEEEEEEAAAR, FAAAAAR, Gah! make it stop.
– I have never seen the Body Guard.
– Maybe it is not a good idea to see it.
– I don’t want to end up “I will always love you.”

2 comments on “Whitney Rambling

  1. Whitney Hou? Another troubled musician that we idolize for her bad decisions. Apparenlty if you want to skyrocket back to the top when you’ve been washed up and haven’t received a legitimate award since the last century is to die before an awards show. Seems rather introverted and selfish to me. When are we going to stop celebrating drug and alcohol overdose? I guess it’s the only way to remain immortalized rather than fade away into history for one’s shortcomings. Sometimes the truth hurts no matter how insensitive it is delivered. Only death can forgive a child molesting freak like Michael Jackson. I guess it can do wonders for Whitney as well. Where was Kevin Costner when she needed him?

  2. I don’t idolize anyone, but I was impressed by her ability to sing. Drugs and alcohol are an escape, don’t think anyone resorts to them to be famous (or re-energize their career.) Elvis killed himself with food and drugs, and I think he was immortalized for his talent, not his PB and Banana fried sammiches.

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