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– I was going to post about race today.
– The post has been brewing for years even, but I read some cool stuff lately.
– However Brian posted on my religion post and I would like to see if anyone else has some thoughts.
– My wife believes I hate apostrophes.
– I don’t hate them, I am just trying to make up for all the wasted characters I typed while double spacing after periods.
– I do dislike granola bars.
– Not because of how they taste, but because I feel like I should brush after every bite.
– No it is not because I would mind being called granola breath.
– I do hate hippies.
– No you are not a hippie.
– Hippie to me is the alter ego I built of my best friend where he is everything that is wrong.
– It is almost like a third persona in the relationship… is it like a trinity?
– Yes I am being blasphemous… darn heathens!
– The Lint Lizard Frolics in the Savanna while bitching at everything in its path.
– Yes that is an inside joke.
– No I am not going to explain it.
– Yes, a comma would have been nice, but I am trying to annoy the grammar Nazis.
– Yes, that is you, and you too, but not your or you’re.
– I wonder if Tim Teabow is pissed that God loves Eli Manning more than him.
– I wonder if Tim Teabow is like a Ken doll and not anatomically correct.
– I am betting he is a robot made by the makers of Kyle XY.
– I know you hate yourself a little if you got my last reference.
– That is like 4 I’s in a row.
– My wife’s sanity was kidnapped by Pinterest.
– I am afraid to go rescue her because they might convert me to that cult.
– Actually, I think we should all join a cult at least once… just have to have an escape plan.
– I cannot believe that people actually read and like this way of posting.
– I need another creative outlet.
– Drawing supplies bought 8 years ago are still somewhere.
– I want to travel this year but don’t have much vacation.
– I want to go to KC, Puerto Rico, Sonoma County, Tampa Bay and InDiana.
– Yes I say IN Diana in conversation as well.
– I was never IN Diana.
– I am looking forward to posting about race.
– It will be controversial for some… funny to others… maybe not.
– I had an awesome birthday!
– If you search for birthday in the blog you can read some interesting stories.
– My Mom informed me that my love of meatloaf could be prenatal and caused by her.
– She was craving meatloaf the day before I was born.
– My first cartoon character was named Peppy.
– He might retire before he ever becomes famous.
– The next one might be name Clint the Fat Lizard or Clint the Fit Lizard.
– He has eyebrows.
– Partly to annoy my wife the biologist.
– Yes I love her!
– No you cannot see him yet, he is still being “born.”
– You might never see him.

2 comments on “Continue Rambling

  1. It’s fun because you have little snippets of your life in lots of different areas.
    I can’t stand meatloaf.
    I got the reference.
    When you said Trinity, I immediately thought of Dexter.
    Sometimes we need a little more fun in our lives. Today’s been one helluva day, so thanks for posting this.

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