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So one of my friends, who I am actually going to go see play in a couple of weeks (more info in Facebook if you are interested on the local heavy metal scene) asked me to subscribe him to the blog via e-mail. I replied RSS YO! and I think I lost him.

My blog posts used to posted to facebook, I am toying with the idea of adding them to google+; what I had never considered is that people would be interested on subscribing by e-mail.

I looked for some pluggins and there are plenty of them out there, but none that did what I really wanted to, so I settled for feedburner. (which is now done by google)

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At first I thought it was kid of going backwards to subscribe to something like a blog using kind of a newsletter model, then I saw some potential on it. Google plus already does something similar with circles. When I share something there I think of the audience and use my circles to post to them. That adds a lot of flexibility and reduces the noise produced.

A blog is a lot more passive in that respect. Once in a great while I write something that I want someone to read and I shoot them an e-mail, but for the most part this is here for people to consume on their own time. I even provide the full post via RSS so people can simply just read from there.

I want to continue to create content, but the blog format seems to be outdated in some ways. I want all conversations to be centralized and not fragmented like they are now. You get some interaction on facebook, some in g+.

Hopefully in the future we will have more centralized collaboration and participation in discussions… it seems like a pipe dream.

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  1. “Hopefully in the future we will have more centralized collaboration and participation in discussions…”

    Won’t be a problem once Siri becomes self aware.

    I’m just saying…

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