New Year New Direction

Small people talk about other people.

Average people talk about things.

Great people talk about ideas.

I found the quote above thanks to one of my latest finds, Wogan May circled me via G+ and I have been having a blast reading through his blog. While there are a lot more ideas for topics that reading him have sparked, this one has been brewing in my own head for a while. The quote just happened to be a good springboard for the post.

This blog has taken many turns over the years. I have wanted to chronicle several things, but it seems to not serve that purpose all that well. One constant is that it does see to make people think. The posts that seem to start conversations with my friends are the ones that I enjoy the most. That and the ones about Movies I watch. As much as I would love to mess with XO and say I am turning this blog into a foodie blog, I think this year I am going to move to talking about ideas a little more.

Lets go back to the quote and look at it from a psychology point of view. I have touched on maturity before and joked about my varying degrees of it. Most people get stuck on the gossip world of, lets talk about other people and let that be the subject. Others step onto talking about the things they see, what surrounds them. Only a few get to the level where they want to explore ideas and understand why it is that they think the way they do.

Again, I often regress to talking about other people, its easy because it is part of human interaction. However I enjoy conversations about ideas the most. I have been lucky enough to have lots of those lately and that is probably one of the only good side effects of the economy tanking. Once you get beyond the politics and economics you move onto talking about ideas and in the end what is really important.

I want to do that with this blog, I want to hopefully show people a different point of view. Who knows, if I am lucky enough maybe even spark an idea like others do when I read them. I have often fantasized that blogs will change the world in a very real way just because of how we are sharing thoughts. So I am going back to posting quotes and what comes to my brain when I read them.

That said, I am glad that 2012 has started. 2011 was not a year I can call one of the best… I do want to call 2012 one if them. Happy New Year!

One comment on “New Year New Direction

  1. Actually, my friend, if you did turn this into a foodie blog I’d probably still read it and enjoy it just because it came from you. Because everything you do is genuine, intelligent and heart felt.

    One of the most surprising and pleasant culinary experiences I’ve had was your birthday dinner at that Colombian restaurant in KCK. The cool thing about it was that the food was really just a secondary experience to hanging out with you and your friends at one of your favorite places.

    Unlike the local trend here in KC where neo-urban (I just coined that) hipsters get obscure ethnic restaurants to open up after hours to cater to their “supper club”, serve special items that aren’t on the menu, and be subjected to intense questioning about the history of the food and how it’s prepared. That seems so colonial and pretentious to me. Just go to the restaurant with everybody else and eat what’s on the dang menu! You want to know more, buy a freakin’ book.

    But I digress.

    I look forward to the intellectual, thought provoking posts that you have consistently provided on this blog.

    I hope you and Bea are thriving in Chicago and look forward to making that train trip to come and see you both.

    Live long and prosper.


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