Mid Life Crisis

It seems that now you go through a midlife crisis when you hit 30 rather than in your 40s. That is what I am starting to realize about people around my age. Why are we having this happen earlier? Or is it that we really are not growing up until we turn 30?

The current economic climate is making people think more than ever. The “when poop hits the fan scenario” is not that impossible now. Recession? Revolution? Rebellion?

Those are things that used to sit quietly in history books, but now more and more seem to be back in the newspaper. Or rather internet publication, because even newspapers are going away.

I am always curious to see how each generation feels about their identity. I am kind of stuck in the middle of a couple of generations because of several factors… so I am not quite a kid of the 80s or the 90s. I have a little of both. Then the whole being in Colombia in the 80s and being in the US in the 90s makes it even more difficult to define what my generation really is.

The people I am putting in the peer bucket are the ones from their late 20s to their mid 30s. We are talking a lot about accomplishments, who recognizes them, what they really mean to them and others. Also, who would survive the post apocalyptic world and who would not. The common theme though in the end is, who am I and what defines me.

I had a good laugh recently when someone in an discussion tried to establish superiority by rattling off their employer and salary to let the other person know their “worth.” It seems that some people are really stuck on thinking that money is the only think that can define people, or that shows how successful they are.

It is still baffling to me that people take their own lives. It makes me sad. Then I realize that so many people in life have tried to tell me personally that I am not worth it, or that I could have been a doctor, or a lawyer, that it would have made me “worth” more. I wish that everyone could shut up the furies of the world and live a life where we all know how much we are truly worth.

My midlife crisis has been happening for a while now. I have re-evaluated relationships in my life and reconnected with people over the last couple of years. I still have plenty of places where I could have better relationships with people, but that is where my focus is now. I think that is what makes people rich.

One of my old chess partners and I discussed the topic of where to live… Colombia or here in the U.S. my take away out of that conversation was simple. It really does not matter where you live, it matters who you share your life with. Hopefully all of the people that go through a midlife crisis, or even those that even think of suicide as an option see that the connections, the true connections they have with people is what makes life worth living.

One comment on “Mid Life Crisis

  1. I’m in your peer bucket!

    My ex went through a mid-life crisis at 30 or 31 and decided I was the reason for his unhappiness! Sucks for him.

    I think the whole “what do you do” question is typically more American. We’re competitive, and that’s what we’ve been trained to ask at all those parties where we know no one. I know that for myself, it’s been very hard to feel worth that’s not tied to a job. That’s just how I was raised (and not necessarily just by parents, but by peers, friends and coworkers). So when we moved to VA and I had no job, I really felt worthless. On one level I knew that I wasn’t, but it was really hard for me to accept the fact that I kept the house clean, paid bills on time, kept cats healthy, and then had a baby and all of that meant something even though there was no monetary contribution to the family.

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