Blame the Zombie

One peculiar thing about this topic in my head is that is in interconnected in what might seem logical to me, but not to others. Modern society is full of zombies and it is almost doomed to turn us all into them as well.

The news right now is buzzing with the Penn State scandal. I myself have joked about it, not to be insensitive to the victims but to gauge how people react to it. It seems that most people are so numb to the word “rape” that it is seldom truly understood. Play any online video game and you will hear the word thrown around like candy.

My feelings about the whole mess; besides pity for the victims, is that today everyone is more worried about letting someone else take care of the mess. The more people you tell, the less responsible you are.. right? someone else will do the right thing.

The bystander effect might be in full effect in the modern world (don’t click the link unless you potentially want to cry RIP Wang Yue), however I think that needs to change.

Sure, there are plenty of excuses (someone might get sued for trying to help someone) but humans need to go back to helping one another.

Are we really all becoming zombies that care only about wealth acquisition and people around us don’t matter all that much?

That might be a bit harsh, but I think it gets the point across. It looks to me like most people in today’s world think responsibility is about finding who it is to blame other than me, not about taking action when action should be taken. Some people assume responsibility simply for the benefits it brings, and whatever it is that they need to perform is secondary.

I joke all the time that left in the middle of the jungle I could survive. Also that if the zombie apocalypse happen I would also be a good ally. What about the real world, right now though. I am not CPR certified, and while I could perform it if I had to, I think it is something that we all should practice.

I hope I am never tested, but I do hope that if I am ever in a situation that requires me to assist another human being I can. I don’t want to be one of the zombies, so please don’t bite me.

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