Da Bears

I try not to be one of those fans that panics after every game. Yesterday Da Bears defense encountered Cam Newton and allowed him 543 yards. The guy is an amazing talent, and the defense did stop him in the red zone, but overall it made many people concerned, including me.

Ulracher and Briggs are getting older, so is Tillman. I am a big fan of Ulracher and to see him do what he did the first couple of games was very gratifying as a fan, but football is a game of youth and physical punishment. I want them all to stay healthy and win the SuperBowl that they all deserve.

Being a Bears fan, makes you watch the defense more than the offense. For the years that I have been rooting for them it has been more about hoping that the offense does not screw up, than wanting the to do good. Cutler has an impressive arm, but without a good o-line it does not look like he has the confidence (or desire to get hit) to really get where he needs to be.

Yesterday we finally saw a running game and hopefully paved the way for Forte to get paid. I honestly wish that they continue to build the game around the running game and let the passing game grow from it. I am sure Martz is not all about the run, but who knows… I don’t think we have seen what the guy can do because not many of the plays end up developing.

You have to wonder if the coach is capable of just playing with what he has rather than having to make the players fit into X-Os.

A win is a win, and I love to believe that every season is the season. I think we have what it takes, but I hope that using the running game was not just a one game thing. I also hope that our defense can stay healthy and stop talent like Can Newton in the future. We cannot let the Lions beat us. Plus we do have Devin Hester returning balls, did you see that! That is number 11 if you were not counting.

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