Is your Google+ boring?

Then you are doing it wrong.

I guess Facebook has once again tried to keep up with Google plus and twitter and in the process alienated their user base. I don’t think they understand their users anymore. Once you move a platform forward and have wide spread use, those users might not want to embrace the change. I have been wanting to talk about Google plus for a while now, but I think today is a great day. Facebook is all screwed up trying to be google plus, so why not try the real thing? Specially now that is not just invite only anymore!

First go get your account. I’ll wait. If you don’t have a gmail address, get one of those as well. They are both very useful things to have.

Once you have an account, add me. The cool thing about Google plus is that we don’t have to be friends. You can simply see the content I put out whenever you want. You can make a new circle called Frenemies or Secretely hate or BFFs or Chicago and add me to that circle. The awesome thing about this feature is that you become your own curator for online information. That could be done before in other places, but content creation in google plus is a lot more robust than in either twitter or facebook.

You know who is another cool person to follow, its Tom, yeap, the dude from MySpace. The content he creates is pretty informative.

You can create very obscure content, like how to write a procedure on user creation on 3 LDAPs at once. Instead of making all of your friends and family scratch their heads with that post, you can select to only share it with your technology circle. You can even make a Jersey Shore fan group and share the latest Snooky rumor just to that group without making it awkward at the next bikers meeting.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Google plus has many features, and if you are bored with Google plus, that means you are doing it wrong. You can customize your google plus with something called Sparks. It is kind of like what you are interested on, but its also a very powerful news aggregator of sorts. Type anything that might interest you and see the useful thing being posted in the net pop up. Its like having a friend that knows a lot about that subject share some of the latest links with you.

The other awesome feature that I have not used but know many people that have is the hangouts. Basically it is Skipe, but better and free! How about that.

Any social network you join is only as powerful as the people you follow. With google+ you can follow everyone, just make sure that you put them in the right buckets. Have a lot of buckets and enjoy the experience.

Take google plus for a spin, I think the network will grow little by little. If anything it will be a place for you to find the information you want in an informal way.

2 comments on “Is your Google+ boring?

  1. Goes to show you, any social network will be as boring or as amusing as the user allows.
    Like we say in Colombia: The problem lies between your keyboard and your chair… think about it.

    BTW, are we still on for the G+ Angry Birds duel??? 😛

  2. Yes, I guess I will have to see how this dueling birds things works :p are we going to play Chess? Chess with friends is waiting for you to download it.

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