Salad is not a four letter word

I used to hate salads. Not sure where I picked up my dislike, but I felt like it was rabbit’s food. Back in 2008 my Mom got really sick. She had to change her diet and now if she does not watch what she eats she can end up in the hospital. It really changes your relationship with food.

She asked me to do a fruit/veggie shake and try it. It was a weird mixture with aloe, cactus, pineapple, celery and orange juice. I did it for a while, but not sure why the cactus part of it just did not agree with my stomach. I have since then modified the concoction and make it with just pineapple, celery and orange juice. The side effect since back then is that after I did it for a week or so, I would start craving celery.

When I was working from home at my last job, I had the local Chinese place so used to my voice that I would dial and the lady already knew what I wanted. While I would try to go for the “healthy” options, like king pow and white rice instead of fried… it was just not doing me any favors to eat it as often as I was.

Both Bea and I love fruits, and when we went looking for a coffee bean grinder I saw a Magic Bullet. It was an easy decision to get a convenience blender and a coffee grinder all in one. We have used it a lot more than I expected and smoothies are a breeze to make.

We also invested on a juicer which gets a lot less use than I thought, but if we do want to do a fast we have it available. We end up using it after grocery shopping for a quick carrot orange juice mixture that we both enjoy.

Because of gout pain I also had to curve my red meat consumption… which is a good thing to get out of my diet since there is such a history of heart disease. I do miss eating burgers all the time, but not as much as I thought I would.

So what does all of this have to do with salads? Its a very strange side effect, but eating and drinking more vegetables and fruits has made me love them. About 4 times a week I have soup and salad for lunch. I no longer mind getting a salad for a meal. I also never feel not satisfied after eating a good salad.

Perspective is so powerful sometimes. Yesterday I saw a coworker eating a salad and they looked miserable. We chatted for a bit and they admitted that watching what they eat was just horrible for them and they hated the salad itself. It was a totally different approach, I was also eating a salad but I was enjoying it.

I never thought I would end up being able to make such a big change in my eating habits, but I have. Ever since starting this new job the salad bar has been my destination at lunch. I waited a month to see if I could actually sustain it and not get completely sick of it. I still enjoy it.

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