Making Blog Comments Social Again

Ever since I started to get serious about posting in the blog again I am faced with the problem that made me stop doing it as much as I used to… all the comments go elsewhere.

While it is easy to get a post into facebook for example, it is another story to get the people to come and comment on the actual blog.

I have been looking at plugins and alternatives, and it just does not seem to be simple. Part of it is that my facebook is not public, and only some people have adopted google+

While the blog still has readership besides the ones that I have that also use facebook, it seems that the vocal ones have moved on to that platform.

The other issue is the stream. Some people ride the twitter stream all day… I just never got a surfboard for that one. Mostly it is because it requires a lot of time, and depending on the number of people you follow, it can quickly get cluttered. Facebook’s stream seems a little easier to follow, but it faces the same issue other streams do, you miss the boat and you are last hours post.

Our internet usage seems to have a very quick attention span, so topics gets lost quickly and even though I really never cared about how many people read my blog, I do care that those that do get to interact with one another via comments. All of that is lost when the comments become fragmented between social media and the blog itself.

I guess I won’t worry about it too much, in the end what I want to do with most of the posts here is make people think, and if it does not spark a dialogue I can deal with that. I am going to keep my google+ pretty open for now (I am having fun with the circles features) and maybe I can figure out a way to merge comments without them being hosted somewhere else like discus. Let me know if you know of anything that can accomplish the daunting tasks of creating a seamless streams for the comments to be a attached to an actual post.

3 comments on “Making Blog Comments Social Again

  1. I’ve been thinking about something similar.
    I was getting worried that the blogosphere is slowly dying, my blog-friends stopped commenting a long time ago. I don’t twit and I don’t have links between my fb profile and my blog because I want to stay “Anonymous”, only a couple of my friends know that I write a blog. Can you believe that?!?!?

    Anyway, very much like you, I ended up concluding that, if I’m not writing for a living or just money, I’ll just write for myself and whoever wants to read, to comment… I’ll keep doing it “to blow some steam” as, you know, I cannot afford a therapist! :)

  2. I know exactly what you mean mafe, when my blog and my personal blog collided it was not pretty and it made it so I would not friend half of my family because of it. I sometimes wonder if keeping things anonymous would have been easier. I have also separated the blog from the professional stuff and going to streamline things in the future if I start freelancing with translation seriously again. I still want the interaction though, and it seems that I might have to settle for that on facebook.

  3. Well stated. I have found myself gravitating back to twitter as the best place to plug in to a wide range of thoughts.

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