Friday Fill-ins! 8/5

I am really trying to get back into the whole blogging thing, and one of the things that I enjoyed the most was having a Friday meme to post something, but not have to think about it too much. The Friday’s Feast died a while back but I just found Friday Fill-ins! it seems like it is still active and well, let have some meme fun

1. How can I resist the urge for coffee when I have a starbucks downstairs.
2. Stubborn weed always grows back.
3. My hair is ready for a haircut.
4. I did not attend my high school reunion, can’t really say I missed it.
5. My favorite summer fruits are strawberries… but are they really just summer fruits?
6. Some lady hit a guy that was changing a tire because she was texting … what was that?
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to watching some TV with the wife, we are really getting into this Merlin show, tomorrow my plans include sleeping and probably going out for a walk and Sunday, I want to make sure Alicia has a ton of fun while here in Chicago!

One comment on “Friday Fill-ins! 8/5

  1. I love Chicago…Have you ever ate at Hot Chocolate or Schwa??? Yummy! (Found your blog from Friday Fill-Ins)

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