Green Lantern (****)

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I guess I will start with the disclaimer that GL happens to be one of my favorite superheroes and I went into the movie like a total fanboy. I did not wear my GL T-shirt but I did have in the back of my head all of the comics I have read and how they could just screw the movie up. I did not go in wanting to hate it, just have a good time but without a lot of expectations.

I stayed away from reviews. I know how harsh some critics can be of a superhero movie that is going to be CGI heavy. Maybe it is the fan in me, but the CGI was never forced and even when I wanted to kind of be a little dissapointed about how Parallax looked, I continued to be engaged. There is a lot of CGI but it helps the story along. Sure I can go back and take it apart now, but the reality is that while watching the movie I was just simply entertained.

The movie went by way too quickly and well, there is a lot of information to digest. It is a new universe to many and I think this is a great way to introduce people and leave the door open for a franchise. I think the casting was great for this one and hope that there is some continuity when they do the sequels. The movie did deviate a little from the story that I thought they were going to use, but it made the story flow and a non comic geek would probably never really care.

We opted for the non 3D version since the last couple of movies we watched with that technology seemed to take more way from the movie than enhance it. I will be curious to hear what the people that saw it on 3D think of the CGI work.

Even though I think going to the movies it is starting to be impractical when it comes to money (10 bucks is just ridiculous for 1 ticket.) I was glad I saw this movie on a big screen. My only regret is that I did not get to enjoy it with XO; but I think it was a blessing since I could not handle someone else besides my wife drooling over Ryan Reynolds.

Sinestro will be an excellent foe in the next movie, I cannot wait to go see it.

3 comments on “Green Lantern (****)

  1. I haven’t had a chance to see it yet. It is on the list of stuff to try to do with my daughter this weekend. I’m not allowed to see superhero movies without her.

    It would have been awesome if I could have taken the train up to see it with you guys, but couldn’t swing it. But I WILL be making that train trip soon!

    Miss you guys!

  2. I’m hearing rumors that based on the box office receipts of the first weekend, a second GL flick may not happen.

    As for the film, I’ve not seen it..but you can pretty much know I felt the same way when Spider-Man opened a decade or so ago. And I loved every last second of that movie and the second one was even better .

  3. It is interesting that it seems to have not done so well in the boxoffice, we were in a pretty full theater and everyone seems to have enjoyed it.

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