Why I will be cheering for the hated Green and Gold

Besides the obvious that Rapistburger should not win a ring …I am still in shock that he got away with so much and it still earning money as an NFL player… I will be cheering for the “Pack” for several reasons.

First one is I lost a bet to Keli Deguia. I was seriously pretty confident that Cutler was going to get on a hot streak and just dominate the playoffs. I seriously thought we finally had an offense.

I hate Bret Fart. Having the Packers win without him makes me happy. He is a classless, self obsessed media whore that represents all that wrong with our spotrs/celebrity culture. At the end of his career he really showed his true colors, specially when he disrespected all the players that helped him in the past by constantly saying that the Vikings had the best team ever… please, give your teammates from the past respect… you would have been nothing without your receivers you dbag!

Aaron Rodgers. The dude is a stud. He is classy, handled the whole taking the team over from King Favre very well and has done an outstanding job. Don’t get me wrong, seeing him spit blood after that hit made me happy… but the dude deserves a ring and we deserve to be better opponents if we are going to win against them twice a year in the future.

Mike McCarthy. You have coached well… and your organization has now been lucky enough to have two great quarterbacks back to back… if we could only be so lucky.

NFC Pride. Seriously… we might hate the Packers and have to deal with all the crap that comes with them winning the Superbowl, but it is still our division and the team that beat us should beat the other division.

So, lets lose with some class like our Defense did. They went down fighting til the end, and we know Packers fan all over were swallowing their tongue when Ulracher grabbed that ball… darn it for missed opportunity. Congratulations Cheeseheads!

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  1. I heart Aaron Rodgers. I tried to get him as my fantasy football QB this year (I had him last year), to no avail.

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