Wake Up People

I stopped writing about politics because most people are pretty uninformed when it comes to the subject. It is amazing how easily people turn into sheep because they prefer to listen to the talking heads on the T.V. and also like to get their morals from other people instead of thinking for themselves. I am little pissed off right now that most of the news coverage here in the US have already begun to paint Jared Lee Loughner as just some unstable person, a lone wolf… are people seriously that naive that they think hate speech and political stupidity don’t lead to these types of acts?

I am sad that I had to go all the way to the UK’s newspapers to get more information on the guy that shot an ELECTED OFFICIAL. Trying to get through the noise I gather that he thought our government was trying to mind control us with the use of grammar, and that our currency is bad because it is not backed by gold and silver. He was not only a right wing nut, he was also pretty scary to those around him.

Some people are so stupid to think that when they start talking about politics and using hateful speech, that people around them view them as someone that should be looked up to for what they believe. In reality, most people that see and hear that level of nonsense on someone put them in the “nut” category and start dismissing not just their political view, but pretty much everything they say. The moment that you buy into hate speech it is the moment that others disassociate you from intelligence.

I know a lot of very conservative gun lovers. I was sure that something this big will outrage them and make them denounce how horrible an act this is. Nope, they are pretty busy fearing how Obama is going to really institute big brother into our lives and maybe, just maybe he is the Antichrist and will be putting the mark of the beast in all of us.

Why is this making me so upset. While the congresswoman is fighting for her life, all I can think about is those six other people that are dead. Someone very dear to my heart is involved in the political process. If the headline was not in AZ but in MO, there would have been a chance that he was at a political event.

As human we are flawed because sometimes what does not affect us directly its missed by our radar. I have no idea how I would have reacted if my friend was amongst those shot. All I can ask is that people wake up, stop the hate speech and start really evaluating what is it that you are letting into your brain and promoting. Gun violence is sad as it is; but it is a sad day when your elected officials start getting shot.

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  1. I really have to disagree with you on this one buddy. This guy had some serious mental issues wether people knew it or not. The so called hate speach from the left or right had nothing to do with it. John hinkley shot Ronald reagan to impress jodie foster, should she stop acting, these people will find something to feed there delusion.

    The real political argument I can see coming out of this tradegy,is talk about gun control, and psych screening before getting guns. Either side politicizing this for anything else just makes me sick.

  2. Not sure how what you just said is dissagreement, we are both saying that making it about politics is wrong, sad and out of focus. I am calling for the hate speech to stop, from every side, not just from one side. I might have to simply start bolding points before I present my argument.

    1. Unreal that the media here in the US is painting thigs so much instead of presenting the news. Its getting old.

    2. Hate speech fuels weak minds. Not sure if the guy is insane or not, I am not a psychologist.

    I guess one thing that might bring some context is that where I was discussing this with a group, the poster of the news labeled the thread (People are getting restless in AZ) and a later poster said (Viva La Revolucion!) It makes me sick that people think is appropriate to joke about something this serious.

  3. “are people seriously that naive that they think hate speech and political stupidity don’t lead to these types of acts?

    Maybe Im reading this wrong, but you are saying hate speech leads to these types of attacks.

    Yes and it is sad when you have to go to media outlets outside the us to get real news. I would die for a news station that just told me the facts, not how they want me to interpret the facts.

  4. Maybe im misreading the final line as not what you are saying, but what you say the media is saying. If thats the case, then yes we pretty much agree and maybe you can fix the post to make that clearer.

  5. Thanks for the shout out, Logtar. We miss you and your lovely bride down here in MO. While I know that the Tucson assassin had a really busted psyche, I cannot give a pass to the folks who created the ocean of violent political imagery he swam in. Remember when Ann Coulter said liberals should be beaten with baseball bats? Heard Limbaugh or Hannity for the last decade, or worse yet Savage? They are all just a bunch of over-paid high school bullies who defend the powerful against the weak. I will not give the far-right a pass on this. They have been ratcheting up the hate for a decade, and some pretty fragile minds are taking it all in. They just express it in an undecipherable language, until the gun comes out.

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