I am not a huge history buff; for the most part the subject was very boring at school. I used to love geography and maps, but remembering dates was never my thing. It came as a huge surprise to me that classical music, in the grand scheme of things, is actually not that old. I mean Beethoven died in 1827. It’s kind of weird that the thing that has made me interested in history is actually a reality show. When the dude from Pawn Stars starts seeing dollar signs as things are truly old, it makes me dislike him a little… but then he is so good at what he does and just so extremely knowledgeable that I can look past the whole (it’s just about money part of the show.) His talk about old stuff has actually made the centuries click in my head a lot more than years of history lessons at school.

Getting back to the music thing, I did not realize that most of the classical music (or what is consider classical music) is in a way pretty recent. Bea and I recently went to the Symphony and had an amazing time. Reading about the composer, and how he really never though it was good gave the music a new dimension. Looking at professional musicians perform was delightful and watching Stephen Hough on the piano was probably a once in a lifetime experience.

The thought lingered in my head that more people should have access to the beauty that is art. One of the things that has always bothered me about the fine arts is that they are truly not that accessible to everyone. I was able to go see theater once as a kid in Colombia being middle class, and as an adult I probably get to a play or show about once a year. The symphony was first, but it is costly and not something that I could truly do once a month. There is a huge price tag attached to art.

It was an awesome surprise when at the movies I saw that Fanthom events is actually going to make performances from the LA Philharmonic available at many theaters. Sure it is not the same as watching this live, but it is at least a way to make it accessible to more people. If you have a chance check it out. The symphony is an awesome thing to go to!

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  1. It’s also fun to play in a symphony, though the lights sometimes make it a little hot and the stages could always be just a bit bigger. (I play violin.) It’s nice to see a large crowd and that they appreciate the hours it takes practicing alone and with the group.

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