When Ignorance Attacks

“There are no stupid questions” is a statement that fits most situations, but for some reason most people today know everything and want to correct your wicked ways.

I grew up Catholic and still practice. I am sure there are plenty of bad Catholics out there and I am certanly not a good one or a perfect one. I a very biased when it comes to this religion because most of the priests and monks that I have met, have been very educated and amazing people. The teachers I had that were clergy really wanted me to learn how to think on my own and I learned to be critical of ideas and just accept them.

Some people take religion and mix it with spirituality and a hint of brainwashing and come up with a shield of vengence. I don’t have an issue with what people believe or don’t believe. In fact I would say there is a good portion of my friends that don’t believe in anything but respect what I believe in. I am developing a dislike for people that follow what others say like sheep, and I am starting to lean towards blaming religion for some of it. When you get used to just taking what someone says and not digesting it and truly processing it, it really bothers me. Like the preacher that empties their congregation’s wallet and tells them to give more, hat God will privide because they don’t need money; but himself drives a jaguar and a harley on sunny days.

There is a religion; that I will not name those familiar will know what I am talking about, that is against blood transfusion. Years ago had to become very familiar with the “rule” because I loved one was going to refuse part of their care because “religious” beliefs. Thankfully rationa thought was achieved and the episode was over, but I will never forget what almost happened. Ever since I have kept my distance from that denomination.

I know some people of that denomination and recently I was on my way to donate blood. I love doing it whenever I can because it saves lives. Started back in highschool and whenever it has been convenient I would do it. I stopped it for a while when I lived in Michigan becas my doctor was totally against the local organization that managed the blood, but now that I am here in Chicago again, lifesource is a great organization and they make it very convenient.

As I mentioned, I was going to donate blood and what first came out was a very amazed, “You do that?”

I answered, “Yesp, every time I can”

Then the ignorance (maybe even willing) surfaced, “What about the infections? you can catch something.”

Now, I know this person is of that particular denomination so I kind of knew where the comment was coming from… but I was surprised as how the argument was being presens… seriously, I am going to catch something from donating blood? I held back and simply replied. “You can probably catch a worse infection from a door handler.” and went on my merry way.

I never thought that someone would actually try to discourage me from giving blood with missinformation, but there you have it. So I wanted to counter that missinformation with some cool information that hopefully you alreay knew about.

  • 60% of the population is medically eligible to give blood, yet only 5% of the national population donates blood.

    If all blood donors gave 2 to 4 times a year, it would help prevent blood shortages.

    4.5 million Americans would die each year without life saving blood transfusions

    Every three seconds someone needs blood.

    About three gallons of blood supports the entire nation’s blood needs for one minute.

  • Taken from LifeSource’s website.

    Privilege Vs Right

    “Scratch a pessimist and you find often a defender of privilege.”
    William Beveridge

    As tempting as it is to talk about Healthcare Reform I am writing about this for myself, I would like to look back and this post years from now and see if I still have the same ideas. Even though I do work for the insurance industry, and worked for hospitals before. I had the opportunity to learn a lot about at least the money side of things, and still think I am not qualified to really inform anyone about this topic. To me a lot of this debate comes from a simple difference in the way we think about things being a privilege or a right.

    Lets start out by defining those two words that are often misunderstood by most people;

    Right – a moral, ethical, or legal principle considered as an underlying cause of truth, justice, morality, or ethics.

    Privilege – the principle or condition of enjoying special rights or immunities.

    A privilege is something that is not enjoyed by all, it is only a “special right” to some. Kind of like on the scripts of the 80s shows like the A-Team where someone has diplomatic immunity, that is a privilege. Knowledge is not a privilege, it should be a right, but for some time now it has taken a back seat to fantasy.

    Back in the middle ages things seemed a little less obscure, everyone knew what was going on in the castle and well eventually it lead to French monarchs having their heads roll down a hill. Today we pay lots of taxes, sometimes even more (amount wise) than countries that have better social services, and everyone is scared of spending money but forget how much we spend for war.

    The reality of the situation is that most of us don’t know how “the system” works. We don’t know if someone living with government help gets 800 bucks a week per child so they can be in daycare. We don’t know if someone is on their 7th child and they just named them Paycheck. Our taxes pay for all of those things and we just sit back and hope for oversight, for someone to make sure that programs that are supposed to be helping the people that needed, don’t abuse it.

    Again it is all about knowledge and the right to have it, not the privilege to know. We don’t know what the situation is for the people currently abusing “the system.” We don’t know how many people take more pennies than they leave behind at the tray, we just simply don’t have the knowledge. The moment that someone wants to know more, control more, have more transparency people start yelling about privacy.

    It would be great to be self sufficient, it would be amazing to not need roads and infrastructure. If you want that, an commune is waiting for you just around the cornfield.

    To enjoy being part of a society we have to get used to its rules. We have to respect the fact that we are part of a system that is not perfect but will not change without action and involvement. Most important, it will not be changed without knowledge… and be very careful where you acquire that knowledge from.

    I have been wrong in the past and supported at least mentally a president on a decision before. I might be wrong this time around but I am an optimistic and want things to work out not just for me but for everyone that is part of this great nation. As tempting as it is I will not even go into details about how some of this is life and death to a lot of people and some even close to me.

    So if you believe that only some people deserve to know, and most of us cannot handle the truth, then move along and continue to be a pessimist about not just the country but about life because I find a lot of truth on the quote that I opened up with. Also click on the link and read some of the other quotes by that dude… look at the dates of his life and his mini bio, it is very interesting how history works sometimes.

    Gamer (**)

    If boobs, butts and blood are not some of your favorite B words, then go back to the Bible and stay far, far away from this movie. Despite the title of the movie, this one is not family friendly and if I ever got around to doing my little icon based movie rating, this one would have a little devil right next to it. There are enough bare bodies on this movie to make it a 5 star on the XBox Netflix rating system.

    The story is not a bad one, just poorly executed. The pace of the movie seems to move a different speeds making it almost feel like several different films spliced into one. While I do get that the different “worlds” are supposed to feel different, the movie pace just does not seem to make them all feel part of the same universe even if they are different realities within the same.

    I did not hate the movie, it was entertaining and I went into it with lowered expectations. Just like GIJoe, the movie has pretty effects that would make a kid say, cool and awesome; with the big difference that this movie is not for a kid.

    The character build lacks flavor making everything almost feel too formulaic. That would not be a problem if the movie was not addressing some issues that are relevant to our times, such as social disconnect due to technology and violence in video games. I don’t think the movie deserve the name gamer, since it was really not about the gamer at all.

    Acting was probably what made this movie not a single star, or even a no star. While the dialogue was not the best, all the actor did their best to play roles. Even Luda did a good job with his role. Dexter was good as the villain, even funny at times. The stars earned their paycheck, however there seemed to be no budget for the rest of the actors because everyone bellow the main roles felt like an extra that got to say a line or two.

    If you want to get to see some free boobies without actually filling your computer with viruses, this is an ok rental. Just don’t rent it for a family movie night thinking that the dude from 300 is going to be in a cool action movie.

    A little help from my friends

    So, it seems like this week I got asked to provide a little help and I am more than happy.

    First a friend of a friend is am pursuing a doctorate degree in Adult Education at the University of Georgia and needs professionals to answer a survey. Simple rules are, you have to wor for the man, but not be the man. It is about mentoring and promotions so lend Mr. Chase Westray some minutes of your day and instead of herding sheep online or whatever it is you do in farmville, answer this simple survey.

    My research area of interest is mentoring. I am writing to request your voluntary participation in an online survey; the data obtained from this survey will be used to complete my dissertation research. The research will identify the role of Human Resource Development activities, like mentoring, in career development. This survey also requests basic demographic information such as age, gender, racial/ethnic group membership about you and your mentor. Please be assured that none of this information will be used to identify you as an individual; rather it will be used to group you with other participants like you, in order to understand unique group experiences. These data will be used to complete my dissertation research. Completing this survey should take no more than 10 minutes. You may skip any questions that you do not feel comfortable responding to.


    Next and just as important its about giving a little piece of yourself. About a month ago when I donated blood I also did the whole DNA swab thing and joined the National Marrow Registry. This week they sent me an e-mail letting me know that they are starting a campain including Mr Shazam. Watch the Video, put it on your Facebook and maybe even sign up. t does not hurt, and if you are a match hey don’t need to use the big needle…only some extreme cases, most of the time just blood works… so learn more, be informed and look and link the video.

    Read more A little help from my friends

    Remembering Your Passwords

    Today everything wants to remember your password for you, from your internet browser to your mobile device. Is your password remembering supposed to be left to devices and software? What is the point of a password at that point? are we really achieving securiy anymore?

    Keyloggers are rampant and visiting an untrusted website can leave you with your information floatig in cyberspace for those that know how to use it. From someone simply reading your e-mail to your identity being stolen. Strong passwords are a must have and remembering the a necessary evil, but a current trend is making this quite annoying.

    Before we go on, I beg you to back up your pictures and important infomation in a regular basis. You never know when you computer is going to kick the bucket and leave you without that song that took you days to download back in the napster days. CDs and DVDs are so cheap that laziness is the only thing stopping you from having backed up data. Ok, but enough of this tangent and back to passwords.

    Recently I had my main computer malfunction. Thankfully almost everything was backed up prior to an external hard drive, and I was able to keep the computer on life support for long enough to get anything I needed prior to my last backup. One thing I did not back up was my password setting. As you know I love strong passwords, even before many applications started to grade your passwords I was alread using them. My web browser has been remembering those passwords for me and making very convenient for the every day use.

    For work I have to remember about 10 passwords that I use in a daily basis. For personal stuff the number is around 25 for various destinations and e-mail addresses. I don’t believe in one password to rule them all, simply because one cracked then not only are people going to be able to read your e-mail, the will also leave your bank account with 20 bucks. So leavin the web browser behind meant that now I had to remember all of those passwords, which was not a big deal, but it did make me think, should I really let this new browser start remembering all my passwords? and further yet, should I trust that my phone will never be stolen and let it remember several passwords for me as well?

    The middle of the road for at least the computer is to have a thumb drive with some password management software so you can have access to your passwords from every single computer you get to and you only have to remember one maser password at that point. Realistically though, I don’t even do that even know I have the knowlege and the thumb drives.

    I think the best solution is to pick strong passwords that are easy to remember so when you have to either change computers or type that password somewhere public you can remember it and not have yourself locked out. I don’t think that passwords is one thing that you should rely solely on machines to keep fr you.