Awesome week… Awesome month coming up?

We will be in Kansas City very soon, and then later in the month we will be in California. We are looking forward to both trips because of the trips we will be taking.

One of my friends from KC just spent a couple of days up here and we had a blast. You cannot beat going downtown, eating Chicago style pizza and watching the Bears beat on the packers on Monday night football. That memory will last a life time for sure.

It was nice to drive around the city and show him why I love this place so much. He had an awesome time and was thankful for being able to experience the little out of the way places that he probably would have never been to otherwise.

I cannot wait for Daniel to get up here :) hopefully soon, but better than that we will be spending some time with him at the end of the month. There is also another propane powered go kart race night coming up! so October is looking pretty good.

I have a bunch of stuff half written that will get posted this month, just need some time to finish it up. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and see you soon KC.


I managed to live online all by myself (or so I though) for many, many years. My interwebs were a world far, far way from the eyes of only but a select few millions that made up the blogsphere and I thought it would stay that way forever. Everyone knows the joke some of us have been in for a long time now, “OMG MY MOM GOT E-MAIL NOW, How long until she tells me Bill Gates is going to make me rich if I forward this e-mail?”

Enter facebook, it made “social networking” accessible to many. Twitter can also be blamed, but it seems like my family has gravitated to facebook more than twitter. Now all of a sudden it seems everyone is online and posting about their lives out there… what’s worse, they can read about my online world now.

I doubt any of them will go back and read through my archive, and this has never been mi diary but there is a sense of exposure for sure. I am not going to change the way I write at all, or modify or delete a post to make someone happy… its my blog and reading it is a choice. I think the Facebook Spying is over because darn it, I am not beyond unfriending a family member on facebook if I smell drama.

There are other questions though. Through my family other extended family has found me and I have had a real hard time accepting them as friends. I have rule that I don’t add people there if I don’t care what they have to say because well, 300 people are just way, way too many. I was even called about accepting one of them… its like wow, how did my facebook all of a sudden become my famibook.

I find it very interesting already when people that barely know me not just want to friend me, but they go the step further of “friending” my friends. I have never used the interwebs to make friends, my blog, online forum postings, etc, always served another purpose… the added side-effect was that I did end up making some great friends.

I love when Spyder retells some of the joke her Mom tells her, and I thought about that when my Mom calls me to talk about the internet. She had just finished watching a show on Spanish TV about the “DANGERS!!!” of the internet, and how people have encountered horrible faiths after meeting people online. It was an amusing conversation to me, but she seemed almost nervous like, according to this program you are an statistical anomaly because you should have already met some psycho that would kill you.

My best friends has also had some interesting family interactions with facebook but he would have to post those on his own some day. I would love to hear if facebook is somewhat merging your online world with your real life one. I think its an interesting topic and cannot wait for the day when XO happens to leave me a message on my facebook and my religious family sounds the alarm and stages an intervention to save me from “the atheist white devil.”

Where did the nice people go?

Going shopping is one of those things that I dread more than cleaning the bathroom or even cleaning the cat box. I think the older I get, the less tolerant of rude people I become. Grocery shopping is one of those things that could be an enjoyable experience if I could get in and out without having to interact with other people. Now that we are back in Chicago I am even considering going back to peapod, which was an actual great experience when I used it in the past. You get home and your groceries are waiting for you.

This last trip to the grocery store was one that made me lose the hope in humanity.

I come in prepared when I grocery shop, either with a list to check off, or a short mental one that gets done quickly. Depending on if it is a familiar store or not, I have a route I take most of the time. I know where everything is for the most part and try to be efficient and hopefully not in a hurry.

The first creature that I encounter that just gets on my nerves is the person at the deli counter that does not seem to have ever seen a cheese selection. I am all for browsing the sales and the new in stock deli meat goodness, but don’t take a number until you are ready. I am hoping that if I keep on bumping into the same deli guy at our grocery store he can start cutting what I need before I even have a chance to ask.

This week I had to deal with two self important rush grocery shoppers. The kind that want to run you out of the isle just bump on you next to on the next one. God forbid that you are going to be selecting an item in the same area they are because they will even go as far as ask you to move out of the way. I actually had to step away from the tortillas because this lady was frantically looking for a special cheddar flavored ones looter style.

The kicker this week was a motorized Grandma. I almost said something out loud to her but I though about how I should respect my elders.

The lines were pretty busy and they only had 2 actually human operated ones. The self checkout ones are really not conducive to the amount of stuff I was getting. The lines were going into the isles and instead of blocking the way for other people I got in line and left a gap for people to move through if they were still shopping. This lady on her motorized cart just pushes her way through the line next to me and proceeds to get in front of me. I am clearly waiting in line. I would have had no problem letting her go first, I often do with people that have less items than me and a handicapped Grandma for sure would get my go ahead. However she just barged in, made no eye contact.

I respect the elderly, I respect the wisdom, I even have reverence for their knowledge and how some of them are from an ear where manners mattered… but what is wrong with some of people now, just because a lot of people don’t have manners it does not mean you should lose them too Grandma!

Because I have not annoyed Mesha in a while

My favorite Nurse spammed me… so I figured I would spam Ya’ll


Yes, My Dad… the tradition in my family is that my name shall become my Son’s middle name… Daniel John is the name that is currently in the running if mini Logtar shall arrive.


A couple of weeks back watching an anime that is pretty close to my heart.


I do






YES! I am awesome.
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So much to write

So little time to edit and post. I have been writting a while over the past month, but not posted much. It seems like every single time that I sit to edit a post I end up either going in another direction or just making one paragraph a whole post on its own.

Summer is almost over and even though we did not travel around the country as much as I would liked, we die end up traveling internationally and that was awesome and well needed.

I have some extra help at work that is making things a lot easier, so hopefully I will be working less hours overall. It was getting crazy, and it will probably be crazy for a while with some big projects we are working on but I love a challenge.

I am hoping to finish up some posts this week and get back into a good posting routine now that the summer heat is leaving the fall start to set in. It seems writting with the cool weather and the leaves changing is a lot easier.

Hope you all had an awesome labor day weekend.