Blogger Interview – Dufmanno

I like doing interviews and has specially enjoyed my interview of Average Jane that was part of my blogger interview series. I still want to continue interviewing other people from the KC area. Average Jane recently posted about Neil Kramer’s Great Interview Experiment and I immediately wanted to be a part of it. So I signed up and patiently waited to be paired up with two other bloggers. I was contacted in less than a week and Dufmanno and I were exchanging e-mails and a link to a shared document in no time. Dufmanno has an excellent writing stile and truly cracked me up as I read back through some of her older posts. Bellow I present you my interview of Dufmanno.

Logtar: The first post that I could find in your blog was about the swine flu, which brings up two questions. Have you ever blogged before this site? and do you feel diferently about the whole H1N1 now (was it just a normal flu blow out of proportion?)
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We have a neighbor that is well into her 80s. We are always conflicted as to how involved we should get. We have had a couple of good conversations with the lady and have learned lots about her life. Every time we have offered help she has been polite to decline it and seems to be a private person even though she has shared some of her life story with us. The conflict comes from both Bea and I coming from a society where our elders were not just part of our lives, they were integral parts of our formation as human beings. Elders are not just respected but rather revered. I cannot forget the first time I went to an “old folks home” back in Colombia when I was a kid and thinking about how it was like an orphanage but for older people. I never imagined that in the society that I would become an adult, a “retirement community” was not the exception but pretty close to the rule.

This society is geared towards individualism and youth. Every day industries promote the fountain of youth and how people are living longer, but also how obsessed people are with staying young. The 40s are the new 30s and so on. Many people are scared of getting older in all societies, but getting older in the U.S. can be right down terrifying.

My paternal grandfather passed away in 2006 and my maternal grandfather is getting older each day. My Mom and I have talked about how my grandfather’s light is not shinning as bright as it used to. This is the man that taught me how to play chess and was always very assertive and successful business man. Now his days are full of anxiety about his illness and all he seems to look forward to now are his yearly trips to Colombia to escape the winter. The cold that to him is killing him might be related more to the coldness of this society has towards the elder rather than the temperature on the thermometer. He would gladly spend the rest of his life back in Colombia, but my grandma who is over a decade younger than him wants to be here where all of our family is. Read more Elders

I Know Nothing

Welcome to the Decade. Surprisingly enough, my new years is pretty free of resolutions. I have spent the last couple of weeks recounting much of the past decades and the changes that come along with such a long period of time. I look back and see that I am not in my twenties anymore and I could not be any happier.

“I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.”
– Socrates

I was still very young when Y2K make my metabolism “non compliant” anymore. I thought I had everything figured out and all of my plans were in motion. I still thought I could make people happy, even if I was unhappy myself. I thought that everyone had good in them and that time will bring it out. I thought that everyone wanted to strive to make themselves better and there was no such thing as unwanted advice. Read more I Know Nothing