Too many projects, not enough time

Right now I have several things going on that I want to work on, but not much time to do it.

I have several posts that I have started but cannot quite get around to finishing.

I really want to do a podcast with Deguia again and discuss the book “The Road.”

I want to finish 3 books that I have started, and stopped either because I started during travel and forgot when I came back or I happen start another one.

There are movies coming out that I actually want to go see in the theaters.

I am looking forward to Turkey day and the holidays, but not the inches I am going to get from it.

I want to find a pool close to home so I can go do laps every morning… I miss swimming a lot.

I guess don’t mind me, just putting down some mental notes here… and this not even begin to include the work related stuff.

So what is going on with your brains?

3 comments on “Too many projects, not enough time

  1. Finding the time to swim will help with the stress level and may help reduce the inches gained during turkey season. :)

  2. I know Michael, I need to get on the ball about finding a good indoor lap pool. The gym I looked at is more in the expensive end of things.

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