Crazy Old People

There is a new radio commercial for a hot sauce where the tag-line goes “I put that sh!t on everything.”* I have been known to drop an f-bomb here and there and I am not offended by the language; but where have we really gone to in a society where the voice-over is clearly done by an elderly woman?

Betty White is hilarious, I laughed very hard when I saw her superbowl commercial. I know that Viagra brought has made it possible for many people to regain their stamina and I am sure that more and more people are having sex in their later year. I think that is awesome but I don’t want to think about it. So when recently I could not get away from the story of Betty White and William Shatner getting it on. It was one of those mental pictures I could not block, I was a little nauseated (mostly because of William).

I really don’t get when we turned the corner from the elderly being revered to them being the new thing to laugh about.

I am all for older people living their lives the way they want to, but a bleeped commercial on the radio is to me just a little too much. I am sure there are plenty of old ladies with a dirty mouths out there(Yes, I know I left that one wide open), but this is on a radio show when I am sure a lot of parents are driving their kids to work.

I recently had a discussion with someone about swearing. They believed that grown people should not be protected from it or any other type of offensive language. I completely disagree and think that if I have a group of friends over to my house, I am in my total right to ask them to not speak a certain way. Sure, when I watch TV or a movie, a little swearing does not bother me and I don’t think it should be a law, but just a matter of good manners to not use any kind of offensive language in public. There are plenty of ways to express yourself in conversation without the use of words that might be offensive.

I don’t agree with complete sanitation or “think about the kids” mentality, I can chose to not listen to a radio station or show that advertises something that I don’t find funny. I remember I used to listen to Mancow back in the day and the moment he started making of Michael J Fox for having Parkinsons I stop finding him entertaining and found him offensive. Same with d-bag Chelsey Handler. As a society we can all make choices as to what we let in and what we don’t. But isn’t respecting our elders an important thing for America anymore? Is this where we are going as a society; where we need to constantly find the next thing to make fun of?

* I am purposely not giving them any more advertisement by mentioning them or linking to them.

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