So much to write

So little time to edit and post. I have been writting a while over the past month, but not posted much. It seems like every single time that I sit to edit a post I end up either going in another direction or just making one paragraph a whole post on its own.

Summer is almost over and even though we did not travel around the country as much as I would liked, we die end up traveling internationally and that was awesome and well needed.

I have some extra help at work that is making things a lot easier, so hopefully I will be working less hours overall. It was getting crazy, and it will probably be crazy for a while with some big projects we are working on but I love a challenge.

I am hoping to finish up some posts this week and get back into a good posting routine now that the summer heat is leaving the fall start to set in. It seems writting with the cool weather and the leaves changing is a lot easier.

Hope you all had an awesome labor day weekend.

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