No More Dead Bulls

At least in Catalonia. But wait, what about that burger you are about to eat, isn’t that a dead bobine too?

Bullfighting is a violent sport, just like boxing or martial arts the attendants watch and cheer as blood is spilled on the middle of the scenary in a spectacle of pure animalistic emotions. We have explored this subject here in the past and found out that it all comes down to how much you value life… some value human life more when its someone they know, and not so much when they are a world away.

While Catalonia’s motivation for banning bullfighting might be more about politics and separatism it still sends a strong message. Even a province inside of Spain where bullfighting is still popular (even though not as much as before) can chose to do the less barbaric thing and stop the spectacle. I am sure they are not quite banning meat yet, but is that where we should head?

I enjoy mixed martial arts. I am not sure if that feeds some kind of human bloodlust inside me, but it is exciting to watch in a roman gladiators kind of fashion as people beat the crap out of each other. I liked boxing, but think that MMA are more entertaining even when they get as close and almost as fantastic as the wrestling can be.

If the world was free of violence and nobody eat cows I could see how we can draw the conclusion that ending bullfighting is the civilized thing to do. I think modern society is still very rooted into the, hey if I don’t see it, it does not touch me.

I am almost indiferent at the ending of bullfighting as a sport, however I do hope that the running of the bulls never stops. I get a lot of enjoyment from reading of the tremple count every years, specially when the ratio of non-spaniards is higher in the injury list. I mean, you have to be a genious to come up with an event that becomes world famous and you eventually become just an expectator when other idiots come and become your bull’s pin cussions.

2 comments on “No More Dead Bulls

  1. This is a disappointment to the culture of the area. I think they will see a decline in tourism to that city as a result. There will likely be unseen economic consequences as an effect of such ‘feel good’ policy making. I doubt that it will catch on to the rest of the nation with such a rich history in such events. But then again, you never can tell… Traditions are important to identity. Gambling can be described as an ‘evil’ form of entertainment, but could you imagine if Nevada outlawed it? If we forget where we came from, then then taking the journey forward is pointless. Unfortunately there are a select few who decide what is best for us. Whereas, if the act of bullfighting was so unpopular, the market would not support it and it would go out of business on its own.

  2. am ambivalent to the end of bullfighting cos one on hand it is babaric and then we see humans doing worse to each other.

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