I thought the crackberry was the most awesome fun ever, and even though it served me very well during the time I used it… well the droid is superior in every way.

I have been playing with Bea’s iPhone since she got it and besides some of the games on it I did not find it a “fun” device. The touchscreen just did not seem to agree with my fingers, however, the droid is very responsive and I can even type on the screen… I could not accomplish that much on an iPhone. The plus is the slide keyboard that I prefer to use for texting and other messaging.

Using the voice search feature is also amazing. The blackberry did that as well with one of the google apps, but this interface is much, much simpler.

I still need to finish up my contact transferring and start doing some picture taking, but so far I am glad I finally upgraded to a droid. Any app suggestions welcome!

2 comments on “Droid!

  1. Scanner Radio (police scanner)
    Flixster (movie showtimes)
    Barcode Scanner (let’s you scan barcodes)
    pocket BLU (turns your phone into a Blu ray remote control)
    Handcent (or texting)
    Seesmic (for Twitter)
    US Traffic (get real time traffic conditions)
    Radar Now (real time radar of your weather)
    Nav Launcher (GPS navigation linked to Google Maps)
    Key Ring (scans and stores cards like Blockbuster, etc)
    Bubble (turns your phone into a level)
    Congress (everything congressional)
    Epicurious (recipes and shopping lists)
    Factbook (mobile version of CIA Factbook)
    First Aid (first aid mannual)
    Google Sky Map (hold your phone up to the sky to find out what you are looking at)
    Metal Detector (uses your phones compass as a metal detector)
    Talk to Me (universal language translator)
    Android Light Saber (turn your phone into a light saber)

    Start with those (all free) and have fun!

  2. I prefer Twidroid for twitter, but good list. I also suggest Google Listen (podcasts) and Qik (video streaming).

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