Human Element

Most of you should have heard the news of an almost perfect game that was pitched this week. It is a bad call that cannot be corrected, but that is how MLB wants it because according to them the fans want the human element in the game. I am not a baseball expert and have most of the information from sports radio, it seems this did not cause a lot of controversy… it has been mostly about man hugs and I’m sorry.

I have no idea why baseball is so behind. I know that tennis started to try to take the line judge’s human factor out of play back in the 1970s. They seem to be doing quite well with electronic line judges. Why can baseball do something similar? I know we have the technology.

Is baseball one of those secret things kind of like grocery shopping?

I remember being simply dumbfounded when during my time in college I heard that a test pilot for “smart” shopping carts in a grocery store was killed because people hated to be told where stuff was. I mean the cart woudl keep track of your items, how much you spent and would take you to the right isle. I had a chance to talk to the manager of the store where they tested it and he simply said, to be honest a lot of older people shop at this store and fear of technology was a huge factor.

I certainly don’t believe that explanation because I game with a couple of people over 60, and if they can slay digital dragons and my ancient friend XO can manage to blog, that is just simply a bad excuse and just trying to blame it on age.

I refuse to believe that sentimentalism or pure fear can keep us from moving forward. Or maybe it is the only explanation… I mean, don’t you love that the human factor is ever present in so many aspects of our lives?

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