Rite of Passage

One of my cousins’ graduated from high school this weekend. Class of 2010 seemed so far way when when I knew he was going to go to the same high school I attended and yet it is here. I graduated high school here in the US with the class of 96, back in Colombia I was supposed to graduate with the class of 93… that is a whole other post for some other day. I graduated from college in 99, so it has been at least 11 years since I have been out of school and I miss those days quite a bit.

The ceremony was pretty much the same as I had experienced during my own graduations. The only difference here was that since it was at the UIC pavilion there were food and drinks available, which meant that since I was sitting at the end of the isle I got to smell the cheese fries and nachos as people were going back to their chairs. I had a full meal before heading there from previous graduation experiences without proper meals made them seem like they lasted days instead of hours.

Graduations make me go back to school. I still want to get a masters and maybe even a PHD. I love the process of getting more knowledge and discovering how little I really know about so many different subjects. I would love to go back to drawing, get better at photography and learn to ballroom dance. If I was to be completely selfish I think that if I had all the resources in the world I might just spend the rest of my life learning.

Maybe the time is getting closer to make the switch from the corporate world and become a teacher. The easy transition would be to get into the field of technical training. I miss the classroom environment and sharing knowledge is the only thing more fun about education than actually learning.

As we get older there are less and less rites, I guess what most people call a midlife crisis is one of them. I might be getting close to one even though I am not near 40 (is 30 the new 40?). All I know is that change is inevitable and I as much as I want to get comfortable with a straight 9-5 being a teacher would be a lot more fun. I dish out this piece of advice quite often… if you love what you do for a living it will never feel like work… maybe it is time for me to take my own advice.

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  1. In Chicago, you have so many opportunities – go learn ballroom dancing! I did it through community ed in KC, and it was so much fun!!! But you have to actually go out and do it after you learn the steps, or you’ll forget.

  2. Wow. I think I could have written this exact blog about myself as well. I graduated college in 2000, and I miss everything about it. It’s not that I’m not grateful to have a job (especially when so many are out of work), but I really miss the learning aspect of college.

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