Bad Delivery

This is a good news, bad news type of situation. I will give you the good news first, we have a new fridge and dishwasher! YEY! the bad news is that delivery was not satisfactory.

I was very excited when the phone call from the people scheduling delivery came through. They said they would be there between 4:30 and 7:00 P.M. I listened to the message again to make sure I was hearing right and said, cool, it will not interrupt the workday. I did not foresee what a late delivery really meant.

The first delivery dude showed up and was friendly enough. We handled the paperwork and he said that it would take about an hour for the installation. I said no problem without knowing what was coming next. It was a big learning experience how when people do a lazy job, service just breaks down.

The second delivery guy shows up and looks to be in a foul mood. Race did play a factor here because the dude fell pray to the “wrong side of the counter effect.” Most people won’t experience that, but when you are of a certain ethnicity, and a person of that same ethnicity performs a service for you, a lot of times they look at you like you should be right next to them working there and not being served. Its not just Spanish people either, I have confirmed this with other ethnicity as well.

I can disarm most of those situations by just breaking out the Spanish and being personable, but the dude came into our condo without greeting anyone and just would not make eye contact and looked like a dragon about to spray flames all over the counter. I was still willing to be personable but then he went too far. He asked where the switch box was and I knew it was in a closet but forgot which one so I did not direct him immediately and that seemed to rub him the wrong way.

Instead of asking me to turn off the kitchen breaker he proceeded to take control of the situation and flipped every single switch in the box without even asking first if it was ok. I should have said something as he started the flipping frenzy, but I decided to just let him do his thing and get him out of there as quickly as possible because I was not in a don’t mess with me mood. Hindsight is 20/20 and this is where my learning experience began.

Dishwashers do not empty all the water out of their system until they have finished the cycle. It seems pretty obvious, but when they were doing their Christmas light spectacular with the switch box they had the dish washer on. What had broken on it was the motor that makes the water shooter thingie move, it would still fill up with water and purge it. The proper thing to do would have been to let it finish the cycle so the water was purged out of the system. Another option would have been to hold the exit house up to not pour water all over the place… they failed at both of those.

At first I thought it was just some water on condo floor which they asked me to get an “old towel” for. I was like whatever, its just a little water and the outside balcony is concrete so in my head they would just let the water run out of the dishwasher there. I went back to getting killed in Halo while the new dishwasher was being installed.

The installation was finished and the fridge was in place. The pissed off dude continue his mood but I just ignored him. Then I hear (we will call him Charlie to protect his real name) having an argument in the courtyard with the first delivery guy. He had removed a pin from the mechanism that closes the entry doors automatically to leave it open during the delivery, but he left the door wide open during the whole time they were doing the installation. Charlie was not happy with that but was even more furious about the water tracks left in all they common areas they had crossed. There was no draining of the water as I had assumed. They could have cared less… I am sure they are both nice people and it was just a late Friday delivery that made them both be careless and just not want to do things the right way.

Lesson learned. If I need something delivered from now on I would ask for the earliest appointment available. I will also not let them “do their thing” and hover like an old vulture while the work is performed. As I get older I now why we become so jaded and annoying as customers. Bad service really makes you less and less trusting of people that should have common sense and perform their job well, even if they will only see you once in their lives.

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  1. Hi John! I’ve also noticed this type of “end of the day” attitude from employees in restaurants and in retail stores. That’s why I always try to make sure that if I go somewhere that it’s well before closing time. I think in most cases, employees are more than willing to help you, but at the end of the day, they want to get it done quickly and go home. (I can’t actually blame them for this, as I’m a guilty party myself.)

    But, I do agree with you as far as bad service goes — it does make me less trusting of people and it makes me more likely to not go back to that company for service in the future.

  2. John never hovers; I always do because I want to know what they’re doing and explain it to me so I can learn. I felt kinda bad a few times, like I was in the way or maybe I was giving them the impression that I didn’t trust them, but now I know what the floor looks like under the toilet, and perhaps I could replace the wax seal if I had to!

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