Kick Ass (***)

Since hating the movie Watchmen I have read the graphic novel thanks to Nuke. I am also patiently awaiting the arrival of Iron Man 2 and looking forward to a Thor movie. With good movies about superheroes come horrible ones, and thankfully Kick Ass is not one of them. I will try to keep this review as spoiler free as possible because I think you should enjoy go and enjoy this movie. It might not be a full spend 10 bucks to go see it, but I felt like watching it and only paying matinee prices was a complete WIN.

Since I did love the movie, the first thing is to let you know what I did not like. Marketing for this movie was great but can be confusing for parents. Do NOT be fooled into thinking that this is something that kids can watch. The themes and action is very adult in nature. I saw way too many kids in the movie and it made me question parents sanity when they expose their kids to that much blood.

There is a back story to the movie that could have made an excellent movie all on its own and it was beautifully presented. I like the art, style and tone of this movie. I am not into dark comedies, or at least I was not… this movie executes that in a very crafty way. You don’t love the characters or hate them, you just watch them interact and tell a story full of laughs and emotions. Escapism at its best.

There are plenty of surprising moment in the movie and that is what makes it great. I love watching movies where I cannot predict the plot from scene to scene but just simply sit back and wait for the next surprise. This movie was full of that.

The acting was superb and I wish I would not spoil half of the movie by telling you who my favorite character was, I am sure you will figure it out once you see it. The movie is left open for a sequel but I am sure this was just a one movie type of deal. Go watch it before it goes off the theaters… or catch it as soon as it gets to the dollar show! That would probably make it even better.

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  1. I effing loved this movie, my favorite theater experience in a while.

    I do agree that the marketing is sending mixed messages. Teen actors, colorful costumes, action and humor. It could have easily been PG-13. And more movies go PG-13 for bigger audiences these days, few hard Rs. If parents are too lazy to check the rating I blame them NOT the marketing.

    I enjoyed all the main characters, but I had a favorite as well. And I gotta say that when I saw what was in the box, I almost fell outa my seat laughing and cheering.

    Looking forward to IM-2, and praying to Thor that Thor kicks half the ass it should.

  2. I haven’t seen this one, yet. You are the second person I know that liked it. I guess I’d better go see it. I am looking forward to seeing Iron Man 2 this weekend.

  3. Very good review logtar! I caught this at a matinee here in KC this past weekend and really enjoyed it as well. Also like you I was concerned with the parents being there with their pre-teen kids. In their defense though unless someone spent time reading reviews and such about this movie you wouldn’t know the level of graphic violence and profanity it had in it. I didn’t read much about it and was surprised, but not offended. If I had taken my 12 yro daughter though (and she did want to go), I would probably have left and requested a refund just for her sake.

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