This weather is making me so excited about our trips this year. Even though my wife is going to travel a lot more than I well with a couple of conferences she is attending, I think we have trips to California, Michigan, Florida and Colombia planned for the year! We also cannot wait to go back to KC and visit friend for another long weekend. We also have people coming into town in the next couple of weeks and more in the coming months. So what does this have to do with the haters?

Last Friday I was at lunch with a group of coworkers, one of whom recently got engaged and could not be happier. His honeymoon is going to be possibly in Iceland where he has been before and highly recommends. Someone that works closer with him brought up how he had shown restrain when another coworker in one of the lunchrooms went into a long diatribe about marriage being a mistake instead of congratulating someone about their happy moment.

I think a huge degree of those types of comments comes from not being satisfied with your own life.

I remember during our holiday party one of my “area” coworkers was chatting with some of her friends. This freaking company is huge so my “coworkers” is a very lose term. I met the people I hang out with at management courses but they work on other floors. I still talk to the people that sit around me. My team is never in the office all at the same time, I do wish I some day get to go to Singapore for a meeting. So her friends are people from all different floors as well and she introduced me, most I have seen on the halls or elevators, but some I had never seen before. I was the only guy in the conversation group when suddenly the conversation turned from “who had slept with who” to man hating extravaganza. I excused myself to get more finger food and moved on.

Putting energy into hating things is just showing how much you either miss or truly love those things.

I have been married before as most of you know, and also had my share of horrible relationships. I still believe in marriage and also on staying single. I believe that whatever works for you is what you need to do. I also don’t care if you marry someone of the same sex or not, again, it is your choice. I gave up smoking years ago, but even when I am in a situation with smokers, I try not to be the person that say “smoking smells horrible and its unhealthy, you should quit and live a better smelling life.” That would make me a huge hypocrite since I used to smoke them and enjoy them. I just simply can’t hate smokers because I made the decision to not be a part of them anymore.

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  1. I recently read a quote I liked so much that I copy-and-pasted it. Unfortunately, I forgot to copy-and-paste the source. Anyway, here it is.

    “You know what happens when you hate on everyone. Everyone starts hating on you, and you come out looking like something that was run over on a gravel road.”

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