When Ignorance Attacks

“There are no stupid questions” is a statement that fits most situations, but for some reason most people today know everything and want to correct your wicked ways.

I grew up Catholic and still practice. I am sure there are plenty of bad Catholics out there and I am certanly not a good one or a perfect one. I a very biased when it comes to this religion because most of the priests and monks that I have met, have been very educated and amazing people. The teachers I had that were clergy really wanted me to learn how to think on my own and I learned to be critical of ideas and just accept them.

Some people take religion and mix it with spirituality and a hint of brainwashing and come up with a shield of vengence. I don’t have an issue with what people believe or don’t believe. In fact I would say there is a good portion of my friends that don’t believe in anything but respect what I believe in. I am developing a dislike for people that follow what others say like sheep, and I am starting to lean towards blaming religion for some of it. When you get used to just taking what someone says and not digesting it and truly processing it, it really bothers me. Like the preacher that empties their congregation’s wallet and tells them to give more, hat God will privide because they don’t need money; but himself drives a jaguar and a harley on sunny days.

There is a religion; that I will not name those familiar will know what I am talking about, that is against blood transfusion. Years ago had to become very familiar with the “rule” because I loved one was going to refuse part of their care because “religious” beliefs. Thankfully rationa thought was achieved and the episode was over, but I will never forget what almost happened. Ever since I have kept my distance from that denomination.

I know some people of that denomination and recently I was on my way to donate blood. I love doing it whenever I can because it saves lives. Started back in highschool and whenever it has been convenient I would do it. I stopped it for a while when I lived in Michigan becas my doctor was totally against the local organization that managed the blood, but now that I am here in Chicago again, lifesource is a great organization and they make it very convenient.

As I mentioned, I was going to donate blood and what first came out was a very amazed, “You do that?”

I answered, “Yesp, every time I can”

Then the ignorance (maybe even willing) surfaced, “What about the infections? you can catch something.”

Now, I know this person is of that particular denomination so I kind of knew where the comment was coming from… but I was surprised as how the argument was being presens… seriously, I am going to catch something from donating blood? I held back and simply replied. “You can probably catch a worse infection from a door handler.” and went on my merry way.

I never thought that someone would actually try to discourage me from giving blood with missinformation, but there you have it. So I wanted to counter that missinformation with some cool information that hopefully you alreay knew about.

  • 60% of the population is medically eligible to give blood, yet only 5% of the national population donates blood.

    If all blood donors gave 2 to 4 times a year, it would help prevent blood shortages.

    4.5 million Americans would die each year without life saving blood transfusions

    Every three seconds someone needs blood.

    About three gallons of blood supports the entire nation’s blood needs for one minute.

  • Taken from LifeSource’s website.

    5 comments on “When Ignorance Attacks

    1. It should also be noted that blood donations from healthy people are vital to the continued peaceful coexistence of humans and vampires.


    2. I wish I could but I can’t. Hepatitis at 17 (not even the blood borne kind)–but jaundice from any cause will rule you out pretty much for life. Excellent encouraging post. Giving blood has little risk for the donor and incredible benefit for the recipients.

      Go. Do. It.

    3. I’m curious, do those figures account for religions (Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc.) who are not allowed to accept blood transfusions, or people who cannot donate due to body modifications?

    4. Good for you for donating blood! I used to be a frequent donor, but I’ve been turned down the last several times because I’m anemic. Hoping to boost the old iron levels so I can start donating again.

    5. I am all for blood donation, and did so fairy often when I was eligible. But more than blood, I’d like to talk quickly about faith.

      You said “I am developing a dislike for people that follow what others say like sheep, and I am starting to lean towards blaming religion for some of it. ” I am already there. Religion and spirituality come down to a point where you have ideals that you believe due to faith rather than proof. Unfortunately there will always be some followers of any religion that take faith in God and place that faith in their organizations leadership. That’s when things can get sideways really quickly.

      If you have faith that the leader of your church/sect/coven/whatever has more knowledge about the answers than you do, you accept it on faith. The more desperate you are for answers, or even just advice and direction, the more likely you are to let things that some would call absurd slip by.

      In these tougher times, more people are falling back on religion for comfort. In a lot of ways that is good. But like your example about transfusions, not all religions have the same principles.

      I am not going to break down whether or not a church’s leadership actually believes what they say or if they are intentionally misleading their flock. Either way people follow a path that they have faith is best. And teaching them otherwise isn’t an argument of facts an logic, it’s not an argument that you can win.

      Wow, that was long winded, I am sorry for hijacking things. I just feel faith is best tempered with logic.

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