Remembering Your Passwords

Today everything wants to remember your password for you, from your internet browser to your mobile device. Is your password remembering supposed to be left to devices and software? What is the point of a password at that point? are we really achieving securiy anymore?

Keyloggers are rampant and visiting an untrusted website can leave you with your information floatig in cyberspace for those that know how to use it. From someone simply reading your e-mail to your identity being stolen. Strong passwords are a must have and remembering the a necessary evil, but a current trend is making this quite annoying.

Before we go on, I beg you to back up your pictures and important infomation in a regular basis. You never know when you computer is going to kick the bucket and leave you without that song that took you days to download back in the napster days. CDs and DVDs are so cheap that laziness is the only thing stopping you from having backed up data. Ok, but enough of this tangent and back to passwords.

Recently I had my main computer malfunction. Thankfully almost everything was backed up prior to an external hard drive, and I was able to keep the computer on life support for long enough to get anything I needed prior to my last backup. One thing I did not back up was my password setting. As you know I love strong passwords, even before many applications started to grade your passwords I was alread using them. My web browser has been remembering those passwords for me and making very convenient for the every day use.

For work I have to remember about 10 passwords that I use in a daily basis. For personal stuff the number is around 25 for various destinations and e-mail addresses. I don’t believe in one password to rule them all, simply because one cracked then not only are people going to be able to read your e-mail, the will also leave your bank account with 20 bucks. So leavin the web browser behind meant that now I had to remember all of those passwords, which was not a big deal, but it did make me think, should I really let this new browser start remembering all my passwords? and further yet, should I trust that my phone will never be stolen and let it remember several passwords for me as well?

The middle of the road for at least the computer is to have a thumb drive with some password management software so you can have access to your passwords from every single computer you get to and you only have to remember one maser password at that point. Realistically though, I don’t even do that even know I have the knowlege and the thumb drives.

I think the best solution is to pick strong passwords that are easy to remember so when you have to either change computers or type that password somewhere public you can remember it and not have yourself locked out. I don’t think that passwords is one thing that you should rely solely on machines to keep fr you.

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