Phoenix is DEAD!

Well, since the mythical bird cannot really die, it actually turned into ashes and I don’t have to rebuild it any time soon. Phoenix was my main computer for a little over 6 years in its various iterations. I think a couple of different processors, various memory chips, at least 3 different video cards and a hard drives have passed through that case with the pretty blue lights. Thanks to my wife’s assertive nature, we went ahead and purchased a laptop that is pretty powerful and will handle my gaming at home and on the road. Now the question is… do I rebuild phoenix or simply turn it into a pretty server with some storage drives.

I am sicks of Windows. Especially now that I have been using Windows 7. I have found the new OS to be a lot more of the same, just with pretty graphics and less annoying messages than Vista but I am not really sold on the new software. I am sorry but I am not one of those “I’m a PC” commercials with the “pretty” egos that invented the new features seem to be.

I am more Ubuntu which is my favorite Linux distro and one that I want to play with some more. I want to store all of my MP3 and video on a machine that I can easily remote desktop to, and once in a while maybe play some music out of it to some outside speakers on the deck looking at the river. So I think Ubuntu will do just that and tons more. So in the near future I will spending some quality time with my old computer and taking it apart and building it as a little Ubuntu machine. Not a dual boot mind you, but an actual official Ubuntu machine at home serving us for storage.

I also have not decided completely if I will do a complete salvage or start with all new components. The video card and power supply are only about a year old and could be reused. I am leaning towards a solid state drive and use it as an additional gaming machine in the future. For now I will enjoy the laptop and rest knowing that I was able to get all the data I needed our of phoenix in time. I guess this is as good as time as any to remind everyone to back up your files, specially documents and pictures. Burn them to a CD or DVD. Five bucks will save you a lot of regret later on!

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  1. I use Ubuntu on my computer! It’s a dinosaur and couldn’t support Windows anymore, and it does all that I need it to!

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